C.C.M. 71 Plymouth Satellite "Daisy" for SnowRunner

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Published by Fredswayne (mod ID: 872911)


C.C.M. is Very proud to present "Daisy" The 71 Plymouth Satellite. Daisy Was Restored in the late 90's at the C.C.M. Custom shop. In doing so it was made to resemble Daisy Dukes first car in the show "The Dukes of Hazzard" since the Owner Is a fan of the show.

Model From 3dWarehouse. Rim And Tire models from turbosquid.

Huge Thank you to everyone that helps me with this stuff. you all rock .

Will this come to console???? for once i can answer this..... NO. i chose to leave the badges on this build. there may be a badge-less release in the future but im not promising anything on the matter. soo dont ask. its already been answered.

As With all my mods. dont re upload or take anything ive put together as your own. just make your own. all the models are out there exceot for the couple ive made myself. anyways. enjoy the mod.




satellite.1.zip265.58mbBetaV1.1 Official Public Release

satellite.zip261.36mbBetaV1.0 pre public test


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SnugSplashman9 @snugsplashman9

i'm sorry but this is a 73 or a 74 roadrunner.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

SnugSplashman9 im sorry, but no its not. in season one and 2 daisy has a 71 satellite that the boys end up ghost riding off a cliff and destroying. they get daisy a 74 roadrunner in season 3 or 4 to replace the one they destroyed for her. or you meant this car is a 74 roadrunner which you would be mistaken as well. i mean the car wears satellite sebring badges all over it. because its a 71 satellite sebring. and if youre doubting what i say a quick google search for 71 plymouth satellite will bring up countless pictures of this car.

yanackaev8 @yanackaev8

Is it being converted into an all-terrain vehicle or not?

Chev8ball @chev8ball


Fredswayne @fredswayne

ummmm no this is how it is, if i give it anything more its just going to be in the form of addons... it looks the best as a street car so i didnt give it a straight axle or any crazy link setups or anything. it does have 4wd and it does have a lifted suspension option. however the tires all stay the same size. but its got a set of taygas too.. soooo yes and no. it can go pretty decent as a scout in stock form it also goes fairly good lifted on the taygas or the mudtires. but it also puts the front control arms at a hell of an angle, that tbh, im not a fan of.. so i usually run it on the lower suspension. but if anything changes it will be a set of larger tires and slightly higher suspension to clear them, but tbh it puts it in the ugly category when it goes much higher. so anyways idk if that answered your question or not, but ill be damned if i didn't try to

SergeyYanakaev @sergeyyanakaev

In addition, there are already mods that add retro cars with the possibility of converting them into SUVs. Your own: DC33, Holzgas, MD32, Stadium 9310, 38 Airflow Tanker. For which I thank you very much. Yes, and for the rest of your products

SergeyYanakaev @sergeyyanakaev

And I like off-road tuning on retro cars

Fredswayne @fredswayne

aye thank s man. im trying. and i wont lie. i also really enjoy off-roading in retro builds

geekmacro @geekmacro

Şu mod kurulum olayını bi çözemedim gitti ya

Carisa_Contzen @carisa-contzen

Epic mod. These old muscle cars are sweet. QUality work as always. Just a quick question. What's the map you used to make the fourth picture? It looks very cool.

Fredswayne @fredswayne

that is Bayside Town. its a pretty cool map, i havent done any missions so idk if its any good that way, but it has this nice little town on a shore that is a really nice picture spot.(also theres a couple open ditches the car jumps over pretty good)

christianBOT @christianbot


Roadrunner1612842299 @roadrunner1612842299

Come on bro make a console version of daisy dukes car

DemonGod_Broly @demongodbroly12

Just get a PC and stop complaining

andgames @andgames

davidabryant641 @davidabryant641

Sweet mod Fredswayne if only there was a way to have female drivers as well as just the normal driver then it would be sweet. This is awesome work

OVERRANCH @overranch

noiceee fredddddyyy

Fredswayne @fredswayne

right, it just seemed like a good day to release this one since i noticed the general came back this a.m.

DaBaus98 @dabaus98

DOPE DEFINITELY SUBBING idc if its not console friendly its so dope im just subbing just cause

JuicyFruits @juicyfruits