Cat 745C SE "Anaconda" for SnowRunner

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Published by LoB1325 (mod ID: 136516)


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I brought those changes to the Cat 745C :

-Diff Lock always on.

-Added US mini crane.

-Custom Engine.

-Custom Gearbox.

-Reworked default suspensions.

-Modified MSH3 Wheels.

-Custom Winch. (+ custom winch point on back of the cab to help with trailers)

-600 ltrs gas Tank.

-Improved global steering.

-Added High and Low saddles.

-Added all new snorkel just behind the cab.

-Added all new spare wheel on the roof.

-Added bumpers.

-Container carrier reworked to be used as a frame for flatbed.

-Exhaust smoke fixed.

-Improved night lights.

-Probably other changes i forget.

Better with:

Offroad trailers:

Addon recolor mod:

Link to Nvidia guide :











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FreemanVictor @freemanvictor

Love this Cat ! THX

LoB1325 @lob1325

Thanks to you.

LoB1325 @lob1325

As my friend FOXCRF450RIDER i post a survey to know what is your favourite diff lock type for that truck. So...

๐Ÿ‘: Always on (Better offroad possibilities, more OP)

๐Ÿ‘Ž: On/off (Better turning radius, less OP)

The results will determine the final setting of the truck.

Thank you so much playing this truck.

billbo12001 @billbo12001

selectable for me

Distordera @distordera

Always on. I really liked your oringinal build. Ok, it is slightly more OP but not very much. If you wan't a lesser build there are plenty to choose from.

jdeerehuntr @jdeerehuntr

On/off for me, like having it optional. Great truck !

LoB1325 @lob1325

Thank you.

billbo12001 @billbo12001

any chance u can come up with a crane to bridge the gap between the mini crane and the full size crane

LoB1325 @lob1325

I don't think so, this requires modeling program and knowledge to use it. I'm lacking both. If i can find someone to help me start modeling why not trying to add some items.

LoB1325 @lob1325

After few testings, the strange feeling while using low gears is due to diff lock always on. Revert the diff lock to selectable is making the truck way more comfortable. The turning radius also is way better. The truck in AWD still can go through every obstacles in test map except deep mud where logically the diff lock becomes usefull. As i feel like the truck is better like this, i update it to revert to selectable diff lock. Please leave a comment if you like it or not.

gundam0081 @gundam0081

please let use the stock suspension, i wanna see how capable the vanilla truck can be with trailers

LoB1325 @lob1325

Prepare yourself scratching the nose.

LoB1325 @lob1325

I will do that, i have to update the mod to add requested addon.

rtmjrx @rtmjrx

Love this Cat compared to the vanilla version. Although one thing I see in the vanilla version that still seems to be present here is how it seems unwilling to start moving under a heavy load or on a hill. Like it needs more horsepower under the hood or something. I found that even putting it in low- it will just sit there barely making any effort to apply power to the wheels. Any little bump or rock, under these conditions will stop it dead. Again, found this with the vanilla version also. Low+ seems to do a little better at getting the wheels turning with a load on a hill but in my opinion, I don't think it should struggle under a load so badly. It handles rough terrain with ease but this particular circumstance was pulling flatbed loaded with concrete slabs up a hill out of the a quarry wit nothing to winch to and it just stopped. Tires wouldn't even spin to dig up the ground. Still, great mod and great improvement in handling and driveabillty over vanilla

gundam0081 @gundam0081

i never had any problems going on hill with vanilla or this cat with heavy load. you must be doing something wrong..

LoB1325 @lob1325

Thanks for the comment, i can add a bit of power. (Edit: i added 50k torque from 350k to 400k, Please tell me if this is good for you) I made a few tests with the new power added and still feels strange with low gears. I had same feeling with the P12, like the wheels are turning too slowly with low gears. I can't change rotation speed of low gears but i make my gearboxes so that the 1st gear is more or less same velocity than low gear and the wheels doesn't feels like turning too slowly no more. I noticed that the P12 was feeling better with diff lock off. I will make some more tests with diff lock switchable to see if the problem still persists.

Distordera @distordera

Is it possible for you to let us engage the diff lock in automatic drive? I think the driving was much more fun when diff lock always on but why don't let us chosse? One choice with diff lock just in low and one choice with engageable diff lock when in auto. If that is not possible please let us have a choice with diff lock always on.

LoB1325 @lob1325

I can't do that you can choose always on or on/off. The type of diff lock is set in the truck .xml. The only way is to create another mod with diff lock on and i don't want to flood Mod IO with different versions of the same mod. I will try a survey to know what most players want, don't forget to vote.

HellCorpse @hellcorpse

Reworked default suspensions........

Damping="0.2" WheelType="front" />
Damping="0.2" WheelType="rear" />

LoB1325 @lob1325

Vanilla values are 0.1 and 0.4. The height, strenght and suspension min also been changed. I tried with higher damping but the bounces tends to flip the truck to easily because of articulation. I never had pretend that my files were perfect or realistic, but i think the truck is not bad like that. Did you changed values? Do you want me to apply some changes?