Canadian Runner 02 - The old Volcano for SnowRunner

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Published by MADMartinQc (mod ID: 181634)


**Mod working on Standard version of the game**

-You arrive by boat on an island in full economic development located on the west coast of Canada near Vancouver. An oil slick was discovered and an company decided to invest a fortune to start extracting and refining the oil.
With this investment, the city decided to build a new port to be able to provide the perfect place to export gasoline tanks. Following this economic boost, several local businesses have also decided to invest, expand and update their facilities to be able to take advantage of these infrastructures.
Travel through this ancient volcanic island, explore magnificent landscapes, fill as many contracts as possible and fill your pockets with cash while there's still work to do!

(VF)-Vous arrivez par bateau sur une ile en plein développement économique située sur la côte ouest du Canada près de Vancouver. Une nappe de pétrole a été découverte et une compagnie d'exploitation pétrolière a décidé d'investir une fortune pour commencer extraire et raffiner le pétrole.
Grâce à cet investissement, la ville a décidé de construire un nouveau port pour être en mesure de fournir l'endroit idéal afin d'exporter des citernes d'essence. Suite à cet élan économique, plusieurs entreprises locales ont eux aussi décidé d'investir pour agrandir et mettre à jour leurs installations et ainsi pouvoir profiter de ces infrastructures.
Parcourez cette ancienne ile volcanique, explorez des paysages magnifiques, remplissez un maximum de contrats et remplissez-vous les poches d'argent pendant qu'il y a du travail!

How to remove devtool and unlimited money:

1-You'll need winrar and notepad++ or any other text editor
2-Open level_canadian_runner_01_the_town.pak
3-Extract zones_settings.json
4-Open in notepad and search for those lines:
-"isEnableDevMenu" : true
-"isEnableDevMenu" : false
5-Replace true/false
7-Merge zone_settings.json modified in the pak again with winrar

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Some additions will be added on the next update, including missions for pieces of the plane.

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By MADMartinQc

Special thanks to Poghrim for the custom models!
Special thanks to Tazmaniak as map tester!











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BaliBalaise @balibalaise

hi MADMartinQc and hi everyone,
I just finished this wonderful map and thank you very much to its creator.
It is very pleasant to drive in this region where the paths are quite passable.
The "gameplay" is also well organized with all its contracts and tasks, congratulations.
I highly recommend this map.
Just a small detail to point out: I crash my PC computer every time I want to access the dashboard (where there is the progress of tasks and missions)
otherwise a big congratulations and thank you

crunch1965 @crunch1965

I can't figure out how to add additional trucks to this map since it doesn't have a standard garage.

S-V.P.A.M. @s-vpam

why? There is a regular garage near the pier

crunch1965 @crunch1965

Yeah, I'm a dummy. I hadn't ventured out on the map enough yet to find it. I'm so used to the garages being very close to where you start, it didn't dawn on me that I might have to drive a little ways to find it.

antary92 @antary92

🇷🇺 Перевод карты на русский язык.

✅ Скачать:
Папку "texts" поместить в архив карты "level_canadian_runner_02_old_volcano.pak"

Сохранения НЕ трогает, совместимость с любой версией карты.
К сожалению, в некоторых местах перевод не заработал.
Если автор добавит задания, обновлю, на данный момент 1,07.
Приятной игры =)

Cyberjax1625745867 @cyberjax1625745867

Map is broken now I believe.

locnessmonster @locnessmonster

Can you please add this on PlayStation4

Pipi67 @pipi67

Since the last patch that came out today, the map is not working (new start and save either).

Mongoose1151 @mongoose1151

What would i type in the search bar if i want to download this mod?

MADMartinQc @martinecole

If you don'T have PC you won't be able to DL the mod :(

Buddywastaken @buddywastaken

Wish i had a PC to play this map, also wonder if and when will there be canadian runner 3

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Tried this map but must admit I unsubscribed. In comparison to Canadian runner 01 this map only seems to have a few roads you will constantly be using. It felt to me this would get boring the further on you would get. I hope map 3 is more like the first iteration, lot's of paths you can take and lot of oppurtunities to create your own paths. As far as looks your maps are really good, I really enjoyed scouting this one as well just doing the actual contracts seemed less appealing.
In any case thank you for your time working on these maps and keep up the good work!!!

tomasrehy @tomasrehy

Hey, is there going to be a part 3 of this amazing mod?

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Work in progress and almost completed but I don't know if i'll have enuff free time to finish it soon :(

PantherKaiser29 @moenchfloh2485

Besteht denn die Möglichkeit das die beiden Karten wieder auf der Konsole spielbar sind?


MADMartinQc @martinecole

Leider nein :( Es gibt zu viele Elemente auf den Karten und es kann nicht garantiert werden, dass sie auf allen Konsolenversionen funktionieren :(

Ejjackson83 @ejjackson83

This map was great definitely enjoying it sucks it got taking down. Ran pretty good on the ps5 w a couple of mods. Thanks

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Thanks for good words.
Yeah Map on console was a mistake. Lots of player had RAM issue over the time so we removed it from console. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Ejjackson83 @ejjackson83

I understand, its all good

Nathalium @greg-stromgren

The volcano and Town Canadian runner maps disappeared from console. I have the series X console and played for hours without it crashing. I had other mods turned off or used smaller ones. I liked the two maps alot!

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Yeah Map on console was a mistake. Lots of player had RAM issue over the time so we removed it from console. Sorry for the inconvenience!