Canadian Runner 01 - The Town for SnowRunner

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Published by MADMartinQc (mod ID: 143692)



Map only working only on Public test servers for now due to last PTS update.

Everyone who subscribed before July 28, 2020 (version 0.1) of the map must uninstall the mod manually in the game and subscribe again on in order to have access of (version 0.2) of this map. Error might happen once map is launched, but the map is still playable for the moment. Sorry for the problems, I'm still working on the map!

Plz comment below if there is any problem and i'll try to figure out as fast as possible!

Welcome to Canada runners!

Eng - First map in a series called ''Canadian runner'' where the action takes place in Canada. This map entitled ''The Town'', with its gigantic district and its downtown area is located near a waterfall, offers you challenges and incredible views.

-The map is built to integrate missions eventually when the editor will add the option. (Map is 40% completed) More updates coming soon!

VF - Première carte d'une série intitulée ''Canadian runner'' où l'action ce passe au Canada. Cette carte intitulée ''The Town'', de par son quartier gigantesque et son centre-ville est situé près d'une chute, vous réserve défis et vues incroyables.

-Cette carte est construite en fonction d'implanter des missions éventuellement dès l'ajout de l'option. (Carte complété a 40%) De nouvelles mises à jours ajoutées prochainement!

****In the game, map name might be map_canada_mud_001_the_town (fix will come soon)***

By MADMartinQc

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Version 0.2 (july 28, 2020)

-Fixed some camera / bridge problem by changing the configuration of off road trail and bridge

-Added a complete new section of map includind a huge quarry

-Added some light/lamp and missing models in empty space

-Still having some issue with vehicle upgrades. Next version should have garage too :D





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girwar @girwar

Installed in PTS. Getting the Your scenario is not valid and cannot be uploaded message. Map loads with no vehicules or elses. Compatriote de Montréal. :) (Downloader le 2 aout).

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Salut Girwar. Le message de scenario non valide c'est normal ( pour l'instant) XD. Pour les vehicules je ne saurai quoi te dire. tu est supposer avoir au moins un marshall pour commencer. Pour jouer dans la carte pour le moment tu doit utiliser le Publictestserv. tu peut créer des camions et les modifier avec la tab ''outil'' en haut a droite de ton ecran. Compatriote de saint-Jérôme par ici! ;)

addy007 @addy007

Installed map after the new update but it won't load, just keep sending me back to the main menu. Too bad, I have already played it before the update, it is an awesome fun map

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Using public test servers?

addy007 @addy007

No, in the regular game. I played the previous version in normal mode too.

MADMartinQc @martinecole

New version working only in publictest. Caus last update. Remove mod in game and re-subscribe here. Should work

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Yeah but since last patch. Can't play in regular game anymore :(
Even my next update might be the same till version 7.0 is fully launch

addy007 @addy007

Ok. Thanks for info.

TazmanyakPTS @tazmanyakpts

This map was a long-planned test.
And after spending 2 hours on it, damn ! It is insane!

This attention to details, and its clear you are really looking for realist experience here.
Congratulation ! I can say this is the most detailled map i tested till now
Thank you, i cannot wait for the rest of your work :)

(And only one little thing i want to add, one of the bridge entrances is really rough. Its like a 40cm step my truck just hit full speed while i was not looking at the road but the scenery

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Thank you very much, it is really appreciated. More surprises to come. I know for the bridge, it is going to be fixed for the next update. Thanks for the info!

TazmanyakPTS @tazmanyakpts

I forget to add...
I also have the "Your scenario is not valid and cannot be uploaded" error message, disabling missions and buildings.
But i suppose you already know that :D

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

I continue my exploration...
I am now in the quarry area.
The civilian vehicles all seem to float above the mud. Maybe lowering them a few inches down would look more realistic :)

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Didnt noticed it. I'll take a look. Thanks!

wickedlv1 @wickedlv1

Really nice map lots of detail and beautiful scenery, unfortunately it no longer works for me in regular game after Version 0.2 update, i removed and reinstalled but still no luck... it may work fine on PTS but i can't confirm as i no longer have it installed. I look forward to playing the finished version when PTS is no longer necessary .

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Thanks! I have to admit i did not tested map on normals servers. Need to use PTS for now :(. You should try to reinstall it and go explore the new section ;) The quarry is really nice!

mathiasseljord @mathiasseljord

i have some problems with this map, it does not load. How do i fix this?

MADMartinQc @martinecole

If you have subscribed before 28 july, you need to uninstall mod on your game and resubscribe here. should fix the problem. give me feedback!

Grinder1951 @grinder1951

Hi Martin,excellent map but since update all contracts and tasks have disappeared, you should ask SABER if they have a job for you.....keep up the good work

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Yeah trying to figure what's the problem. I think you have to manually remove 0.1 version before reinstaiiling 0.2 caus i had some error message since last update (7.0) can you try and give me feedback plz ?

MADMartinQc @martinecole

Uninstall mod in your game and come back here subscribe again. Map should work for the moment even if there is an error message.