Buy Everything 18.0 for SnowRunner

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Published by Lo2k (mod ID: 120992)


This is an alternative mod to remove any rank or region lock.

This doesn't make everything free though, it keeps all the original costs, but you can now buy any truck and any add-on without the need to reach any rank or to be in a specific region.

BEWARE : since 10.1 game version, devs have changed the way the edited setting works : along unlocking every trucks, it also brings your money to 999999999 ! So if you save your game, and even if you remove the mod, your save will keep this infinite amount of money. So be aware it's a one way mod !

PS : If you installed the mod and want to revert to your previous not-infinite money save, don't worry, the game keeps backups.
Just look into C:\Users\"yourusername"\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\base\storage. the folder with the long weird name is your current save.
But you have all your backups inside folder in BackupSlots folder. Just copy all the files from your pre-last-save backup folder and paste them over the files in your current save folder.
Fire the game and you'll be back into the business.

As this mod edits the same file as my "No Recovery" mod, it includes 2 folders :
- This mod alone
- This mod combined with No Recovery

versions :
- 18.0 : updated for 2022-09-08 game update (18.0)
- 17.3 : updated for 2022-07-05 game update (17.3)
- 17.2 : updated for 2022-06-20 game update (17.2)
- 17.0 : updated for 2022-05-31 game update (17.0)
- 16.1 : updated for 2022-03-01 game update (16.1)

Notes :
- Subscribe button : This mod is not a vehicle so you can't use the subscribe button. Click on mod size above this description instead to download it.
- Installation : A short and simple installation guide is provided inside the archive of this mod.
- Coop mode : This mod seems to prevent some users to enter coop mode. to be confirmed.
- Realism Overhaul : To use both mods together, FIRST install Realism Overhaul and SECOND install Buy Everything.
- Other Compatibility : This mod changes the initial.cache_block inside initial.pak file. Any mod modifying this whole .pak or just this individual sub file ***** conflict with this mod.
- Game updates : As each game update rewrites the initial.pak file. You will need to reinstall this mod (once it will be updated too) after each game update.








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rzr1200 @rzr1200

Can you confirm that coop will still work???

WruS @wrusss1

this mod is good, after installtion some details gone from the game like customize section and there are no option to change colour and for some trucks game doesnt offer inside truck customization. Can I revert into normal?

SERGEJJ @sergey29

привет как скоро ждать обнову на мод

Lo2k @lauri2000

mod has just been updated

ahish007 @ahish007

Hi, is it possible to update the mod for the latest version 18.0?

Lo2k @lauri2000

I just updated it for 18.0. Enjoy

TomShadow55 @tomshadow55

Hello, thank you for your job. it works but I would like more explanation, English is not my native language, and I'm sorry but I don't understand all the info, could you detail the effect of the 2 mods please? I understood that there is a mod that unlocks all and one that gives infinite money. Is it possible to have infinite money without unlocking everything?
I'm sorry but I have difficulty in discerning the difference between "mod only" and "mod + No Recovery"

Pizza_79 @pizza-79

been looking for this. all the other unlock mods are out of date. and break your game, or dont work at all. thank you very much

matpituser @matpituser

Hi sir, do you still have copy for version "", Thanks.

admin211601081529 @admin211601081529

17,2 Version? When

Lo2k @lauri2000


georgedurman @georgedurman

Can you get this on ps4

Lo2k @lauri2000


Charmics1655209644 @charmics1655209644

I am confused, will this mod give me infinite money? I do not want that.

1037403698 @1037403698

Hey,thanks for the mod,but don’t need Infinite money.Any other ideas how to restore money to non-infinite?

Lo2k @lauri2000

nope, the only solution I know is the one written in the description : revert quickly to a previous save. It's sad they changed the way this setting works.

Lord_Twilight @lord-twilight

when i try to open in WINRAR it says this

the file is either an unknown format or is damaged....

what do i do

Lo2k @lauri2000

It's the initial.pak file from your game folder that you need to open in winrar.
If it fails, then, you might need to download the game files again.

FMTropic @fmtropic

Dear author! I don't know what the purpose of this mod is, but it doesn't work the way I would like it to. Why do I have a constant infinite amount of money? From the fact that I made a backup of the save before installing the mod, nothing has changed - as I gave out a billion, it still gives out. The Steam version has a slightly different save structure and there is no save backup as such. The maximum that can be done is simply to insert the old normal instead of the corrupted save. And I would like to play with all the open technology, and not crawl along the roads in an attempt to open the engines and stuff

SERGEJJ @sergey29

Бро обнова будет !!!!на 16,1

Lo2k @lauri2000

16.1 version is ready