Camo BOX Trailer Pack for SnowRunner

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Published by XD00DX001-00 (mod ID: 1181831)


New Update new wheels added , suspension updated . textures updated


Update small changes to ramps doors and added files for ps5 and xbox series x, also switch files for when phase 7 allows switch mods

Update small fixes and if you still want to use gray trailers i have uploaded it as a new mod and you can chose gray or camo or use both

Update Trailers are now camo color

Update fix issue if trailer wanted to glitch out with to much weight, can now handle heavy trucks

Update 8 slot and 11 slot saddle high position moved to help with turning

saddle low 11 slot added

all saddle low trailers now have smaller wheels

added low pull box versions they have smaller wheels just like saddle low

1 slot options for short Med Longs now have no roof options

This is my first snow runner mod i created using blender

New update added saddle low 8 slot versions and added Box Ramp Lock used for if ramp door try's to open from lose cargo or trucks


trailer legs are manual to allow adjustable height when trailer is detach and park

and must be manual raised after buying a trailer

LEGS and BOX RAMP are fast mode Constraints

i recommend when trying to load trucks on the long trailer pack the trucks last after you load them there sometimes a snow runner bug were pack truck don't want to move with trailer suspension if your not in the truck that has the trailer

Small Rare bug only happen once on ps4 for me if trying to load scouts onto the trailer and the scouts tires fall into the box ramp restart your game


Mod has low memory and ram should have no issues for console only 1.06mb

BOX Semi Large (11 slot)
FlatBed ,SideBoard and No Roof Box versions
also pull trailer versions
logs for box
BOX Semi Large (2 LogsLong)
BOX Semi Large (4 LogsMedium)
BOX Semi Large (5 LogsShort)

BOX Semi Large (8 slot)
FlatBed ,SideBoard and No Roof Box versions
also pull trailer versions
logs for box
Pull BOX Semi Large (3 LogsShort)
Pull BOX Semi Large (2 LogsMedium)
Pull BOX Semi Large (LogsLong)

BOX Trailer (3 slot) and Scout versions
FlatBed ,SideBoard and No Roof Box versions
logs for box
BOX Trailer (LogsShort)
BOX Trailer (LogsMedium)


box_trailer_pack_xbox_series.1.zip2.79mbXbox Series X

box_trailer_pack_xbox_one.1.zip2.72mbXbox One














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Griptiregaming @griptiregaming

This is a great mod idea however it was hard for me to make tight turns on offroad and it was to tall to go under things i mean the trailers are bigger then me not to mention i damage my truck everytime i hook it up

Johnny77 @johnny77

The boxes are useful for big delivery (2 high) and logs.
the flat deck can make a really nice bridge in maine

MaiklFox @maiklfox69

очень много клонов , ящики ООООочень ОГРОМНЫЕ по ширине)))) , для таких размеров подвеска слабая

JACKEDCHEVY08LTZ @jackedchevy08ltz

I use em all the time i think the long beds need long loading ramps for hauling rigs etc also why would you not stop the ramp when it touches the ground i have never had a crash yet i have had the wheels fall in the ground upon reloading the game other than that they work great just gotta know how to maneuver em and maybe a different texture

Altruman @altruman

Is there a way to narrow the trailers a bit?

MaiklFox @maiklfox69

возможно ли создать вот так 3 прицепа , но игре сказать что это один прицеп (4слота+4слота+4слота)

Rocky0600 @rocky0600

Great trailers, but seems they don't have brakes
And wen lowering the ramp in won't stop wen hitting the ground

XD00DX001-00 @xd00dx001-00

hand brake button only works for trailers in snow runner, if the trailer has ConnectedToHandbrake
when using the ramp you dont keep holding the lower button

Johnny77 @johnny77

Its gone on console, you know why?

XD00DX001-00 @xd00dx001-00

update was added just start your console with no internet you will see it again until the new update is approved

MVShadow @mvshadow

Nice trailers, but to big for normal play in game can't make the corners with the 11 slots or 2 large lumber. But if you look inside the trailer you would say that it was possible to stack 2 layers on top each other, then the length of the trailers could be made shorter.

NITRO_hotice13 @nitro-hotice13

1. Why so tall
2. Why do they look like they’re made of concrete?
Otherwise great

Nightkiller56 @nightkiller56

It’s tall because it needs to fit any cargo and the concrete is probably just textures plus it’s one of his first mods.

LibertyMods @libertymods

Hey man, so when i'm using the 11 slot trailer (semi) the packed trucks start shaking really violently and then fling my trucks into the sky. Not sure if this is a weight problem but it stops me from using the trailers entirely. Don't know if this is something on my end or if you can fix it but it is quite problematic nonetheless

XD00DX001-00 @xd00dx001-00

Try packing the trucks last after you load them on the trailer.
the base game semitrailer_gooseneck_8 sometimes has this issue,
im not sure if its a bug but there a odd issue sometimes, if you try to loading a truck and there already a pack truck, the pack truck will not move with the trailer suspension until you go to the truck that has the trailer

LibertyMods @libertymods

K, will do. Thx

tannerezra @tannerezra

its a nice first mod but it needs to be fixed

Franky0815 @franky0815

Way too wide

Johnny77 @johnny77

Its not on console anymore, is it updating?

JustAnotherAssH0le @whogotporked

I was using this and then it got pulled. It did crash my PS4 pro twice when trying to use long flatbed