Black Labs 6900XD Jotun for SnowRunner

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Published by Saelem_Black (mod ID: 670174)


This Western Star 6900XD has been reworked from the ground up; being refitted with a diesel electric engine and having a cargo system overhaul to support more diverse payloads.


  • Reconfigurable Deck - this twinsteer has a special system to configure cargo. Several addons can now be placed on the deck, but in order to carry cargo you must also install the cargo anchor you want.
    • In front, you can install a 2-slot cargo anchor, a van body, or a large US crane.
    • In back, you can install a 2-slot cargo anchor, a van body, a fuel carrier, a low saddle, or a high saddle.
    • Across the whole deck, you can install a 4-slot cargo anchor (which prevents use of other addons).
    • I am open to adding other configurations, so feel free to comment if there's a configuration you'd like that's not available. Note: Minicranes do not fit the twinsteer's frame well. They cannot reach the whole deck and have lots of ugly clipping issues. I tested several options, but am not planning to add one currently.
  • Engines have been replaced with a single custom diesel electric engine, sporting 350k torque with good fuel efficiency, but at the cost of some fragility. New engine sounds. The truck's additional weight somewhat balances the extra torque, so don't expect it to be OP.
  • Gearboxes have been replaced with two custom boxes, styled for the diesel electric hybrid conversion. More uniform fuel consumption across gears (as a hybrid would be).
  • Suspension has been overhauled - Many changes working together make these suspensions much better at keeping the truck upright, especially while carrying heavy cargo. Suspension height also reworked to accommodate certain frame addons.
  • Wheel selection improved, including tires from Poghrim and Quasi. Thanks guys!
  • Diff lock always on
  • The truck is somewhat heavier to represent the diesel electric conversion
  • Center of mass lowered
  • Winches can operate off of hybrid batteries (i.e. all winches are autonomous)
  • New Winch Points
  • New paint jobs
  • Other various small tweaks

The Twinsteer's height makes light semi trailers somewhat awkward to pull. I recommend FOXCRF450RIDER's Off Road Trailers mod to make the most of the saddles on this truck.

This mod contains custom assets, both original and those used with permission. Any unauthorized use will be documented and reported.


  • More Black Labs tweaked trucks
  • Custom Long Log Bunk









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Sylvain_huit @sylvain-huit

Bonjours, j'ais remarquer un petit bug, quand on accelere pour avancer des coup le camion vibre, et part en marche arriere, ou quand on veut reculer, il part en avant, pourriez vous y remédiée s'il vous plais ?

J'aurais quelque sugession a faire, pour le rendre vraiment top.

Pour info je suis sur ps4

1) les moteur, certe il est diesel electrique sur votre camion, sa ne me derange pas du tous, mais il manque de puissance et de couple, serais t'il possible d'ajouter des moteur plus puissant et qui consomme moins ?

2) Les suspention, il faudrais ajouté une suspention haute et active, bien que cela ne sois pas indispensable, sa lui faciliterais certain passage difficile.

3) Les treuil, il ny a aucun treuil autonome, certe ce type de treuil na pas la puissance des tous gros treuil, mais est bien plus utile que n'importe quel treuil, car il fonctionne meme sans que le moteur tourne !

4) Les module, il faudrais lui ajouté des module de transport de tronc, sa lui serais benefique, lui ajouter aussi un module de carburent a l'avant du camion, et la possibilité de réacrochez les remorque sans grue !

5) Roue et direction, alors ici, c'est une des chose les plus importente, et les plus utile, lui ajouté des roue arriere directrice, certain mods on des roue directrice a l'arriere de ce camion, et c'est bien pratique, avec un tel ajout votre mods deviendrais un veritable incontournable.

6) Je mais ici ce que je pense de vottre MODS, mais je voudrais aussi vous remercier de cet exelent MODS, c'est le seul mods qui permet de modeler le camion a nottre convenence, et de ce fais c'est un mods unique, on peut lui mettre un module de reparation en plus d'un module de carburent, on peut aussi lui mettre des attelage haut ou bas celon les besoin, un mods relativement complet, qui permet pas mal de chose, mais qui pour le moment a besoin d'autre mods pour etre complet, actuellement il na pas de roue directrice, ce qui fais que tourner avec ce camion peut etre compliquer a certain endroit, il na pas de module de transport de tronc, le seul moteur manque de performence, surtout en terrain difficile, ha oui, les attelage permette de mettre des remorque, il faudrais aussi trouver une parade, pour pouvoir les detacher et réatacher, ce qui est impossible actuellement sans grue !

Avec ses ajout en plus, il deviendrais bien mieux, et serais encore plus aprecier celons mois, desoler de pas parler anglais, mais continuer dans votre lancer, merci pour ce merveilleur mods.

Rakmarok @rakmarok

I don't know if this is the best place to report bugs, but this just happened to me:

Other than that, I really like this mod. Thank you.

CoRRin203 @corrin203

Similar thing happened to me as well with a full cargo loaded deck.

Saelem_Black @drsblack

Hmm, this looks like a collider issue. I can't guarantee I can fix it, but I'll look at it.

Scipunk @scipunk

Love this mod, odd thing though when using the full cargo option when i packed a 4 slot container it was strapped but the rear bounced up and down through the bed. When unpacked its normal.

Also using quasi tires it has a start stop stutter when trying to first start out in either forward or reverse.

Thanks for the mod none the less :)

Saelem_Black @drsblack

I worked a lot with the truck's code to try to minimize that bounce, but unfortunately, I'm stuck with it. There's no way I've found to make it perfect. It's due to an invisible addon, and the invisible addon can cause other issues in rare cases like the poster above you. I haven't found a way to fix it, but if I do, I'll update the mod.

The second thing is the over-torque bug. When a truck has too high of weight, tire grip, and engine torque this can happen. I would have to lower one of these things to mitigate the problem, which would cause issues elsewhere. Given that some vanilla trucks (P512) even have this problem, I think it's more a base game bug, but I may look at it again.

Louloudu56 @louloudu56

Je pense qu'ajouter un module de transport de rondins longs ne serai pas de tout refus pour ce mod

Tizernator2013 @tizernator2013

how about rear steering wheels as it would help turning

Saelem_Black @drsblack

I don't typically make changes to trucks that the base model doesn't support or can't animate. I could code the tires to turn (like others have done), but this causes clipping and the rear axles don't animate the turn like the front two do.

SirLAL @sirlal

I like it a lot but I get weird perpetual vibration of whole truck when pulling heavy trailers uphill with saddles in Yukon map. If I disconnect trailer it goes away but the fuel still sounds like its sloshing around. I would create a video but not sure where to post it.

Saelem_Black @drsblack

I am not able to replicate the issue. If you're on discord, ping me in the modding channel and you can provide me more details.

SirLAL @sirlal

I was able to remember what I added to the truck when it started shaking and recreated it tonight. I took a capture and put it on youtube.

Saelem_Black @drsblack

I'll look into it, thanks

Twinsteer4life @twinsteer4life

Man I cant wait to get this on console!