Bartelbi's WS49x Tweaks for SnowRunner

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Published by bartelbi7 (mod ID: 674470)


BEWARE: DLC Checker attributes are added! Trucks will only be available if you own the Phase 3 DLC!


+ Tri Axle Version "WS49xT"

+ Single Tire Offroad Version "WS49xS"

--If any addon bugs occure after an update, you might have to sell and rebuy the truck to fix that!--

Latest Update:

- Rearranged tire / rim selections
- Rearranged roofrack & toolbox shop category
- Added a few new color options
- Unlocked all customization options to level 1

Changes Overview:

On all 3 WS49x Tweaks:

- More Color Options

- Better Steering

- Different Enginesounds

- Added High, Active and Flex Suspensions

- Changed and added a lot of Truck Addons

- A variety of RL inspired Engines and Gearboxes

- Different Tire Options with adjusted Wheel Traction Values (Exact Stats are in the Shop Descripton!)

- Adjusted Tank Size & Fuel Consumption

- Powerful Offline Winches

- No Region Lock & Upgrades unlocked at Level 1

Westernstar 49x (Upgraded Version):

AWD permanent on Frontwheels and engageable for Liftaxle, Engageable Diff Lock, Double Wheels only

Westernstar 49xT (Heavy Haul Version):

Double Wheels only, Engageable AWD on Frontwheels, Driven Triple Axles instead of Liftaxle, Diff Lock always on

Westernstar 49xS (Offroad Version):

Single Wheels only, Steering on Second Axle, Engageable AWD on Frontwheels, Driven Triple Axles instead of Liftaxle, Diff Lock always on

Big Thanks to:

Iceberg101 for his Boggers & Duallys

TnB_BigDubz420 for his MT Baja Claw & KO2 Tires

Credit to ThomBuggy, who gave me a jumpstart into making mods (WS49xS is based on his Tweak!)

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my_tweaked_westernstars_bartelbi.13.zip90.02mb4.2.3 Tire Adjustments & all Addons unlocked

my_tweaked_westernstars_bartelbi.11.zip90.01mb4.1.1 Hotfix for Console

my_tweaked_westernstars_bartelbi.7.zip90.01mb4.0.7 invisible toolbox & new single mud tires

my_tweaked_westernstars_bartelbi.5.zip90.01mb4.0.5 Hotfix WS49XT Trailers

my_tweaked_westernstars_bartelbi.4.zip90.01mb4.0.4 custom tires & towing addons




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Legionary12 @legionary12

Brother, any chance youd be updating all the modded trucks after the new update for consoles? Really enjoyed all the trucks youve created, literally used only uour truck mods on snow runner. Was hugely disappointed when they all disappeared after the last gen update. Really hoping they will be updated and make a return, coming from an xbox series x console. Thank you for your time

Mrsakhaei68 @mrsakhaei68

Hello, thanks for your great mods . I'm using ps4 . Can you fix the center of mass and weight of the ws49xs? It is not stable on slopes and always turns upside down . I'm compare it with other mods so many times and i think it needs to be checked .

mc178 @httpssnowrunner


DrChestPain @drchestpain

So for some reason when i buy the truck they dont show up

Xoraphim @xoraphim

I had the same problem turns out buying the year 1+2 packs do not include all the trucks.

DrChestPain @drchestpain

Yeah same here. All of them

KamikazeF79 @1590151711

These are one of my favorite trucks, especially the XS version. Problem is, I had the trucks in my garage and they disappeared out of nowhere. I bought the 3 trucks again but the money disappears and the caissons don't appear in the garage?
What's going on? I love these mods but if the bug isn't fixed I'll have to give this mod a negative rating,

Snowman2010 @shannonwatkins74

Love all the new add-ons wheels and tires just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of your hard work and I think that your work is the best of the best think you. I can wait to get trucking.

istvanlukacs286 @istvanlukacs286

Hello very much. It would be good if it was repaired because it is a very good machine because. In vain there is an active mode as a game. It doesn't appear in the store

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

There is nothing to repair, mod works fine. But you need to own the westernstar dlc to use it.

fujik23 @fujik23

он работал ранее без этого DLC. я с ним играл. тогда смысл мода, если надо покупать?

Snowman2010 @shannonwatkins74

I'm so glad it's back up and running love all your mods this is my main work truck thanks for the update

FadedGhost28 @fadedghost25

Am i ok to download this ?everytime i do it gets pulled and messes up my game

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

FadedGhost28 Yes you are. Sorry for messing your game up, but after 90 days of no update I decided to add some phase 5 addons and adjust to some game changes regarding trailers, but since it was my first ever done tweak I found a lot of stuff needing improvements and during that process a few small things got a little bit messed up, which I corrected now. I have no plans for further updates on the WS49 mod anytime soon though. 😉

FadedGhost28 @fadedghost25

No worries i just wanted to make sure i absolutely love the truck its my main truck haha also any word on the hx520 i believe it's called

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Any word on what? International HX is part of my US trucks mod:


Hi I am on the Xbox I can’t seem to find the invisible toolbox can you tell me what it’s under thanks

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Sorry update notes are not correct on this one - I did not add the invisible toolbox on the 49x tweaks. Guess that happens when you work on several mods at the same time...

Karlcroll @karlcroll

bartelbi7 is that what this most recent update was for?

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

among other things I did add the toolbox now. mostly it was about fixing some tires.


No problem, love all your mods keep up the great work