Bartelbi's Tatra Pack for SnowRunner

Released (updated ago). Ranked 514 of 6,594 with 100,740 (78 today) downloads

Published by bartelbi7 (mod ID: 1051544)


BEWARE: DLC Checker attributes are added! Trucks will only be available if you own the Phase 5 DLC!

Improved Tatra Force & Tatra Phoenix

--- If any addon position bugs occure after an update, you might have to sell and rebuy the truck to fix that! If automatic Mod-Updates are not working for you, use unsubscribe/resubscribe to get newest Version! ---

Recent Updatenotes:

- added dump truck single tires
- added new tatra default tires + upgraded version
- added new op engine
- adjusted upgraded tagya tires traction
- adjusted tractor tire traction slightly
- added a few new colors
- changed tatra force to have permanent difflock

Changes Overview:

- better steering / turn radius
- several active suspensions
- a variety off tire/rim options (as always with exact stats in the shop description)
- added 5 additional custom tires
- very powerful crane options
- custom selection of engines / gearboxes
- custom (offline) winches
- heavy towing bumper
- a lot more color options
- lots of extra addons / possible combinations of addons

Big Thanks to:

Iceberg101 for his Delta Tires (Iroks) & both Swampers

TnB_BigDubz420 for his MT Baja Claw & KO2 Tires

Picture credit: First shot of the phoenix on the right done by battleborn


tatra_pack_bartelbi.55.zip57.57mb1.5.5 added new tires / op engine

tatra_pack_bartelbi.54.zip57.57mb1.5.4 fixed inverted phoenix cabin animation

tatra_pack_bartelbi.50.zip57.57mb1.5.0 all around improvements

tatra_pack_bartelbi.49.zip57.56mb1.4.9 bright color options

tatra_pack_bartelbi.46.zip57.56mb1.4.6 trailer hitch extension bumper

tatra_pack_bartelbi.43.zip57.56mb1.4.3 flatbed/crane combo + mirrors

tatra_pack_bartelbi.39.zip57.55mb1.3.9 small fixes

tatra_pack_bartelbi.38.zip57.55mb1.3.8 Added Super Swampers

tatra_pack_bartelbi.35.zip52.62mb1.3.5 Finetuning & more Rims

tatra_pack_bartelbi.29.zip43.75mb1.2.9 Delta / Swamp Tires

tatra_pack_bartelbi.27.zip17.65mb1.2.7 console ready

tatra_pack_bartelbi.11.zip790.77kbhotfix tatra crane

tatra_pack_bartelbi.8.zip789.1kbdlc checker hotfix

tatra_pack_bartelbi.6.zip789.09kb1.0.6 last minute improvements

tatra_pack_bartelbi.2.zip788.07kb1.0.2 everything unlocked

tatra_pack_bartelbi.1.zip772.84kb1.0.1 Release Ready





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chielhier313 @chielhier313

Any chance of updating this and your ither mods for next gen consoles? Really miss these mods

Eqaulo @eqaulo

Would love to see these coming to next gen, these were my favorite mods on PS4. Reading through the comments i see you're not active anymore, that's unfortunate. Thanks anyways, had great times on PS4 using your mods!

SRJgame @srj-game

Big test!!!

NLBULLETNL @nlbulletnl

Hello sir are u planning to update the mods to next gen it would be appriciated

AndiAmo1646671001 @andiamo1646671001

Hello and thank's again for your fine mods. Unfortunately, i discovered your mods very late. It's a great pity that you lost your enjoyment on your snowrunner-mods. Although they are already very good yet, i think they are worth to be a little maintained further. However i will use these mods in any case with enjoyment. Hope you think about that. All the best for you and farewell.

kevman121971 @kevman121971

Best mods on the game

apocalipsis1430 @apocalipsis1430

me encata este paquete los camiones son muy rapidos y super estables.

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

What makes a great "community" talented modder stand out above others?

Is the fact that guys like Iceberg101, Rng3r, bartelbi7, Glitchworks, JohnJohnHotRod, DocBugsy, Poghrim, yansors and OlSom don't waist them talent building "BS" everything they bring out is a masterpiece, useful and fits right away into this game! Beside spending them free time building us amazing mods they listen to the community, come back to you when you ask something, fix asap any problem with the mod, try meet the needs in the game, are always open for new ideas, improvements and requests, answer your questions and really appreciate when you give them the thumbs-up and your honest feedback "good or bad"!

Thank you guys for all of your hard work, time and talent💯👍🏼. You guys are amazing and really make this game so much better👌🏼.

I wish you all happy holidays and i "we" really hope you guys keep modding for this game in 2022.

Cheers guy,
PS4 player

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

@bartelbi7: hello again my friend. Are you still actively modding and tweaking for 'SNOWRUNNER' bro? I noticed that since the release of 'FS22' a couple of modders already stopped modding for snowrunner especially for console😞! Since this pack really is my favorite and right now i own 8 of your modded "Phoenix's" for my main campaign save, i have some things and suggestions i would like to post. But if you're not actually changing, adding stuff or updating this pack i don't really want to be bothering you with another request. Pls let me know bro.

Thanks again for all your work, especially on this pack.

PS4 player

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Thanks for the interesst, but yeah sorry I am currently not playing or tweaking snowrunner anymore... Bit disappointed by FS22 though, so we shall see what the future brings.

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Damn bro, I'm a little disappointed to hear that! I was so much hoping to see some minor changes to this pack as right now this is definitely my favorite truck of the game😞. There are plenty great trucks 'mods' out there but there's nothing else i would rather play at the moment than this mod-pack! I really hope you come back to snowrunner and maybe find the time to make some minor changes on this trucks and keep tweaking for this game. It would make me 'and a bunch of other players' really happy, believe me. But anyhow, i really appreciate all your work so far bro👌🏼💯.

Thanks for the reply and i really hope to see you back soon👍🏼. This game really can not afford to keep losing great modders like you, other wise it will die☠️.

Cheers bro,
PS4 player

ericn76 @ericn76

Great Tatra trucks are now much better, thanks :-)

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Love your mods bro and this one is no different😁. Great job tweaking the vanilla trucks and giving us a much more enjoyable experience playing with it, so a special thanks to you for all the time spent doing it. With that said i just want to adres something that is annoying me on this trucks and really making me just don't want to play with it! I i don't know if you can do anything about it since the vanilla trucks suffer from the same issue!

"THE WEEL STANCE" i really can't see the point or any advantage on pointing those weels to the inside beside that it looks weird and feels like the truck will roll on his side at any point. There are already a couple of mods out there with the same problem, and not only mods but some of the more recent vanilla trucks as well! And again, i call it a "problem" but maybe is there some reason for it and it is just me not liking the looks of it😅!

Thanks again for all your hard work bro!👌🏼

Cheers mate,
PS4 player

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Sorry, that is not possible. I can not change the suspension mesh and if you take a look at the real tatras you will see that with this kind of independent suspension the current setup is quite realistic in fact.

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Thanks for replying so fast bro, i really appreciate it, and sorry for my slow reply to your message🙈! took me a while to get used to the suspension look but i get it now and with the right set-up it doesn't bother me that much anymore😅. In fact i sold all my trucks and bought 7 of your "Phoenix's" and 1 "Force" for my fleet😁🤩! I barely play anything else now. Aside from 2 trucks from *@Rng3r* (TX 6x6 & 8x8) and a scout from *@Iceberg101* (DND Striker), i don't have anything else in my garage😁! I really love those European flat-nose trucks so i was happy to see this Tatra finally coming to the game🥳. I saw some time ago those great European truck-mods made by *@Rng3r* for PC and 🤬 damn i was disappointed that that their ware not on console. Yeah, sadly i play this game on console so i can't enjoy all of those great mods coming out on PC so I'm really happy and thankful when some nice and great skilled modders take the time and make some effort building some really nice trucks for console. As a matter of fact even the vanilla "Phoenix" is not that versatile so I'm really so glad and thankful to you for getting your hands on that truck and building us a much better and versatile truck. You really did a great job bro👌🏼. The most stuff and settings are really spot on💯. I don't play any *OP* bs mods, i like to enjoy the game. Although this game is not been made as a truck simulator the terrain-platform is incredible well done and close to simulation so i try to make all of my truck builds just slightly better than vanilla so i can drive slowly and enjoy😁 the game. So for me "NO", no bs OP flying carpets or purple octopus🤣! It took me a while to build this "Phoenix's" just right but after 2 days of trying to balance every build i think i finally got it how i want them😅.

For the most trucks:
ENGINE: *T35* or *T38* engine (use the *T38* for heavy loads and to pull semi-trailers).

GEARBOX: *5 gears (offroad) (everything is just well balanced and the low-gears speed is really on poit for my playstyle).

SUSPENSION: *Active offroad* (most builds, only with the fuel tank add-on i use the heavy load suspension.

TIRES: 48" All chained

As right now this is really my favorite truck in the game so again great job bro and thanks for it👍🏼.

barrakuda9111 @barrakuda9111

Да это лютейшая имба если вообще не чит. Эти грузовики ломают баланс, такие моды вообще нужно запрещать. В snowrunner водитель должен страдать и превозмогать продираясь по миллиметру, а не лететь по болоту на повышенной передаче.

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Amen to that brother👍🏼! Ungrateful idiots! Don't like it just don't play with it, is really that simple! Leave a comment for the modder if you have some nice and constructive to say about his "FOR FREE WORK" or if you're having any issues that you'll like to see solved. And above all, be grateful and polite, otherwise just be quiet, skip the mod and play the vanilla stuff!

barrakuda9111 @barrakuda9111

Я удивлен, откуда в вас столько агрессии?

HaftanTheGreat @haftanthegreat

Cry me a river. If you really think those tatras are "so OP that they should not be allowed" you have not used many mods so far, especially any of those US pickups or the max console packs for that matter...

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Go and play with something else other people make for free then. Or maybe use the vanilla trucks, how about that? There is no need to select all the OP settings and then complain, maybe try one of the many less powerful options I offer on all my tweaks next time, or even better don't use my mods at all, I don't care. The kind of entitlement you displayed here is just the worst.