Bartelbi's Russian DLC Tweaks for SnowRunner

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Published by bartelbi7 (mod ID: 674414)


BEWARE: DLC Checker attributes are added! Trucks will only be available if you own the corresponding DLCs!

BOAR 45318

KRS 58 Bandit

Khan Marshall

--- If any addon position bugs occure after an update, you might have to sell and rebuy the truck to fix that! ---

Latest Update:

- added new custom tires
- added towing addons (bandit only)
- finetuned all tires (size/weight/traction)
- finetuned suspensions + added unbreakable options
- added new bright color options
- added new bumpers for the bandit
- made frontwheels on the boar bigger
- unlocked all customization options to Level 1
- new shorter winch options
- added invisible toolbox
- several small fixes / finetuning

Changes/Additions Overview:

- A variety of Engines, Gearboxes & Suspensions

- Lots of Tire Options with adjusted Wheel Traction Values (Exact Stats are in the Shop Descripton!)

- Adjusted Tank Size & Fuel Consumption

- Powerful Offline Winches

- Added / changed lots of Addons / Customization Options

- Many other Adustments; Steering, Weight, Driving Behaviour, Sounds and more

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Big Thanks to:

Iceberg101 for his Iroks, Swampers, Boggers & Chained Duallys

TnB_BigDubz420 for his MT Baja Claw & KO2 Tires


my_russian_dlc_trucks_bartelbi.zip100.01mb3.0.0 custom tires, towing, bright colors and more




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AndiAmo1646671001 @andiamo1646671001

Hallo, fine mods, thank you for your work.

LilBub04 @lilbub04

could you consider doing the azov trucks??

kaosdevul @kaosdevul

Do you have any plans to mod the Tayga 6436? If so let us know. I bet with some of your mod upgrades it might be better than some of your other modded trucks which are all my favorites. Hey also do you have any plans to add the double snorkles to this version of the Boar? They look really awesome on the BOAR.

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

kaosdevul Tayga 6436? No. Upcoming Tayga 6455b though? Maybe, not unlikely.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Wow the devs actually managed to fix a bug! ;) The BOAR can now attach low saddle semi-trailers from the trailer store without problems!

MaiklFox @maiklfox69

надеюсь двойники исчезли)))) Сер вы гений))) - только не бросайте свои проекты , дьявол кроется в деталях))))

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Thanks. There was no need to have sentinel and russians mod active at the same time before the update as they had exactly the same versions added, so the doppelgangers were no mistake per se, but they are gone now anyway. ;)

qazserNOS @qazsernos

You've been busy! One more truck for me to play around with. :D And don't worry, I'm not going to test and comment on every one of them (some are just too ugly). ;)

I'd almost forgotten about the BOAR existing as the vanilla version was such a disappointment: it had way too low wheel weight and couldn't pull any real loads up hills.

I took your updated version for a spin but I still feel a bit underwhelmed by it, especially compared to some of your other excellent mod trucks. The wheel weight is still on the low side for the truck as the front wheels jitter in some situations. I guess it's not too bad, though (like it was on the P12). The 60" wheels are a nice fit for the truck. Some more rim options for the MSH wheels would be nice, though.

Can't any of the loading cranes fit in the BOAR to use with a saddle? It would be really useful to have one if there's no clipping or collision issues.

The low saddle can be a bit problematic as buying even the vanilla flatbed semi-trailer from a trailer store results in the trailer glitching into the truck. Also, part of the high saddle sits at an angle (I've also seen this on another mod truck after the last game update):

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Wheels of the boar are heavy (on vanilla they are medium), as they are still pretty small in comparison and as you know that allows a lot more flex than superheavys. I do not feel like every truck has to be a offroad monster with cranes and whatnot. The boar to me is like the russian version of the P16 and I use it for heavy trailers and logging only. Some tires have less rim options than usual, because knuckels would stick into some of those, as they are very far outside on the frontwheels. Truck is not really made for low saddle, it is just too high, but the main problem is the trailer bug after phase 5 update (trailers spawn were their wheels touch the ground not where the saddle is as it was before) which hopefully gets fixed by devs soon. There is nothing I can do to remove that issue. High saddle is the vanilla version and the angel underneath the saddleplate itself has no impact at all.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Alright, I respect your point of view. I was comparing the BOAR with 60" wheels more to the KOLOBs that have superheavy wheels of the same size. Your P12 certainly has good flex now. :)

If a crane is not a good fit, then it's not and it's alright. Not that the crane on the Goliath looks any good (but I don't like the truck so I don't care)...

Oh that's a damn shame about the high saddle as it looks like ***. Makes sense that it's a vanilla resource bug as it affects many different mod trucks (I haven't actually looked at vanilla trucks with that saddle). I hope the devs fix the trailer spawning soon. Some tall trucks should be able to use low saddle trailers, even if it takes lifting the trailer on the saddle with at crane. :D

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

60" wheel only in the front, backwheels are smaller. P12 has good flex now, but you have to use the right suspension for different jobs. On the boar you can use heavy trailer with all suspensionoptions I hope. So for now, I think I leave it as it is, as I need a bit of a break from all the tweaking and there are a lot of mods in recheck right now, no need to prolong that process any further, as I had to deal with a rechecklist-bug already delaying the reapproval.
Yeah the banditcranes on the goliath are not perfect, but at least the collision is minimal on the second option. I think the highsaddle got changed at some point, not sure though, I do not remember if it always looked like it does now.
Attaching to a trailer which is already on the map should not be a problem, if you can get underneath it, main problem occures in the trailerstore...

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Oh wow, I hadn't realized the wheel sizes are different. How big is the difference?

The BOAR wheels definitely still jitter, though. I just pulled 6+6 slots of cargo up a snowy hill and it happened. The wheels trembled slightly back and forth like they had Parkinson's while the truck inched forwards. I then reversed back and did the same pull with the Tatra Force and it did not suffer from that at least noticeably. Stuff like truck mass, height, suspension, wheel count, contact points with the ground and power probably play a role here but increasing the wheel weight is one sure way to fix it.

I've been using just the flexy suspension on the P12 and it handled a fully loaded 8-slot trailer just fine. :P Maybe it matters more with the heavy add-ons (I only use trailers). I think of the suspension options for that truck mostly aesthetically different and a personal choice. At least it's not like on some trucks where choosing the softest suspension option with the heaviest load results in the rear wheels going through the ground (actually happened to me on at least two different mods).

In any case, you've done a lot of tweaking and you deserve a break! Even if you or anyone else comes up with changes that you want to implement, you don't have to make them right there and then. I'll re-evaluate the BOAR again in the future if you decide to tweak it again. Until then I'll enjoy your other excellent mod trucks (P12 and Tatra Force <3 ).

As for the Goliath, yeah the second crane option has minimal clipping when stationary but it looks bad when the cabin and frame of the truck move separately on rough ground. I still think the Tatra Phoenix crane clipping is also unacceptable, so take my opinion for what it's worth. The BOAR looks like it could maybe fit the US loading crane just fine.

Yeah, I tried reversing under a trailer with a low saddle on the BOAR and it worked using a bit of extra speed. ;) I think the explosive problem can happen when going through a gateway to another map, too.

Thanks again for everything you've done, good sir. We'll chat more in the future, I bet. :D

thieme1989 @thieme1989

The fueltanks stick out above the frame adding a minicrane would be possible but it would float above the chassis and be attached to fueltanks, which is not very realistic (although the logcrane floats a bit as well). Another option would be to use the minicrane with the little frame under it used on his Goliath but not sure how that would pan out, it would probably look ugle clipping into the back of the cab.
This truck really falls in a bit of a niche, it is too high for low saddle trailers (even with Bartelbi sinking the low saddle into the frame a bit) and it lacks a bit of "oomph" for the heavier high saddle work. On top of that going offroad with the nose hanging over is still a thing even with the larger fronttires and active suspension. I want to love this truck and I certainly love the changes Bartelbi made to it but it stays a bit of a strange duck of a truck.

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

If the game gets boring after while drive an odd duck for a change/challenge 😉 Boar definitly has enough weight and pulling power for most heavy trailer jobs. And yeah cranes were not really a fit and I thought not every truck needs one anyway...

thieme1989 @thieme1989

I'll definitely keep it in now and give it a drive every now and then. I must admit I let myself get spoiled almost always using the Goliath for heavy saddle jobs, I will try and give the Boar a chance with those as well. It just sucks there aren't as many high saddle jobs. I am pretty much finishing up on Don hope modmaps have some high saddle stuff too.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Almost any job can be a high saddle job if you buy a big flatbed trailer! It's totally ok to put only two slots of cargo on a heavy 5-slot trailer. There are even some mod trailers if the vanilla 3, 5 and 8 slot trailers aren't enough.

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Holy **** man! How did you find out rearscale argument was a thing? The Boar really looks so so much better with this change! Thanks for the update!

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Thanks to maxmikes tractor mod using vanilla tires I knew that rearscale is possible, just took a while to find good use for that. Boar was in need for bigger frontwheels, so this was a perfect fit for it. 😉

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Indeed the perfect fit!

SgtCoffee @sgtcoffee

Why are you splitting this pack up, just curious

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

I only added the goliath and the sentinel to this mod because there was a 1 to 2 months waiting periode at the time for new tweaks to get on console... Splitting them up again to avoid doppelgangers (just take a look at the post below) and to keep updates my tweaks simple.

SgtCoffee @sgtcoffee

Thanks for the info bud! Appreciate your hard work