Bart's "Swiss Army Knife" Paystar 5700TS for SnowRunner

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Published by bartelbi7 (mod ID: 672934)


BEWARE: DLC Checker attributes are added! Trucks will only be available if you own the Phase 3 DLC!

Tweaked PAYSTAR 5700TS + Singletire Offroad Version "PAYSTAR 5700XS"

--If any addon bugs occure after an update, you might have to sell and rebuy the truck to fix that!--

Latest Update:

- added new snorkels & bumbers
- adjusted some tires traction values
- adjusted op engine traction & fuel consumption
- added op tires variants
- added unbreakable logging suspension
- long log addon adjusted by thieme1989 - now able to be manually loaded !
- tatra crane can now be used with 3-slot sidebed / sideboard
- adjusted roofrack repair / fuel points & shop category

Changes/Additions Overview

On both Paystar Versions:

- More Color Options

- Better Steering

- Different Enginesounds

- A variety of RL inspired Engines and Gearboxes

- Custom Tire Options with exact Wheel Traction Values in the Shop Descripton

- Changed Position and possible Combination of almost every Addon

- Added extra big Fueltank + more Crane Options + Towing Addons

- No Trailer needed: Addons for small / medium or even long Logs are available

- Active; High Flex & unbreakable Suspensions

- Adjusted Tank Size & Fuel Consumption

- Powerful Offline Winches

- Higher Damage Points

- No Region Lock & all Upgrades unlocked at Level 1

+ B7 Offroad 6 slot Stepdecktrailer

5700TS (Upgraded Version):

- Engageable Diff Lock

- Double Wheels only

5700XS (Offroad Version):

- Diff Lock always on

- Steering on last Axle

- Single Wheels only

There is almost nothing the "Swiss Army Knife" can't do!

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I strongly recommend to also download this mod from Poghrim which adds unique addons:

Also if you like transporting long logs without a trailer - check out the Twinsteer TT Pack made by thieme1989

Big Thanks to:

Iceberg101 for letting me use his G-XLR Single Tires & Chained Duallys


paystar_5600ts_tweaks_bartelbi.4.zip97.2mb4.0.4 log logs addon fix + new snorkels & bumpers

paystar_5600ts_tweaks_bartelbi.3.zip97.19mb4.0.3 unlocked all addons

paystar_5600ts_tweaks_bartelbi.1.zip97.19mb4.0.1 custom tires & towing addons





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Fernandezlorenzo771 @fernandezlorenzo771

Add to ps5 was best truck out there please!!!

LatersHaters2 @latershaters2

Add to ps5 please! I used it on ps4 version and now have it om ps5 and miss it

Shortde77 @shortde77

This truck is badass it has power like no other and will go anywhere I have used it numerous times on missions. Awesome job!

Busmann @busmann

Hallo .... Schade das er nicht mehr auf der Xbox series s erscheint. Nach dem großen Updte von Snowrunner ist er nicht mehr da !!! Toller LKW .... hatte ihn sehr oft benutzt :-) Danke trotzdem für Deine Arbeit und Zeit die Du da investierst.
Lg. Busmann

yuki777 @yuki777

When I still use this truck for long logs hauling and I see the unbelievable performance of this workhorse - even in the most critical angles solid like a rock - I say it's a real tragedy that Bart don't mod for this game anymore :((

chepra @chepra

for some reason, it does not load long logs, and so everything is cool

nitrobelka86 @nitrobelka86

очень хорошо получился мод))есть предложение , можешь сделать на него платформу на 4 ячейки ?!(без возможности установки крана)

AndiAmo1646671001 @andiamo1646671001

Also a fine mod, thank you for your work. Miss a little the ablility to put a rear carne on it, like it is at your Tatras
. Because you can't reach the trailer with intalled long bed and the crane in front of it. English is not my native language, hope you anderstand what i mean.

DyingCrimsonMoon @tmhastings666

Love this truck only one I use currently no complaints here highly recommended.

nonoshowdu13 @nonoshowdu13

Super mod comme habitude mais pouvais svp faire en sorte que l'on puisse prendre un plateaux 2 slot avec un grues et une selle bas ou selle haute ? Svp

Sky1535 @sky1535

What trailer addon(s) are featured in the images?

onelows10 @onelows10

Would be great to have the logging crane and a saddle be installed at the same time. Not much of a "Swiss Army Knife" if it won't even accept that simple combo. ;)

thronic @thronic

Absolutely love this truck. Pretty much as capable as the goliath I've been using until now, but 3 slots + crane and with GGMS box trailer I can pull around 10 slots without a sweat in Amur (at least so far). Love everything about this truck so far, and I'm picky. Thanks so much for this mod 👌👍

downloadingthemods @downloadingthemods

At one point in time, it was possible to have a 2 slot flat bad and a high or low saddle. That no longer appears to work as all of the 2 slot side beds go to the back of the truck instead of up front. Is this a bug? Thank you for the truck. Back in the day it was indispensable. I went to take it for a spin and found that I could not configure it how I had used to. Thank you.

Cobray96 @cobray96

Hi, can you let us attach trailers when using the long logs addons? Maybe by making the long logs look shorter when packed, would be super useful. Thank you


Is their any chance of adding a 4 slot cargo side board

vedroooo @snowtime

test and review on phase 6 pts map

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

vedroooo Nice video, thanks 👍 I added it to the mod description

vedroooo @snowtime

thx mate

Nester @nester

That's it! Thanks!