Bartelbi's Pacific Tweaks for SnowRunner

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Published by bartelbi7 (mod ID: 674292)


BEWARE: DLC Checker attributes are added to P512 Tweaks! They will only be available if you own the Phase 3 DLC!

Tweaked PACIFIC COLLECTION: P12w, P16 & P512 + P512T

--If any addon position bugs occure after an update, you might have to sell and rebuy the truck to fix that!--

Latest Update:

- added custom tires for all Pacifics
- adjusted suspensions
- added towing addons
- unlocked all addons to Level 1
- added invisible toolbox
- added tatra crane
- added tatra sideboard
- reworked all tires (weight, stats, size)
- reworked all addon options (cranes mostly)

Changes/Additions Overview

- Different Tire Options with adjusted Wheel Traction Values (Exact Stats are in the Shop Descripton!)

- A variety of RL inspired Engines and Gearboxes

- High and/or Active Flex Suspensions

- Changed Position and possible Combination of many Truck Addons

- Added some of extra Truck Addons

- More Color Options

- Powerful Offline Winches

- Better Steering

- Added special Offroad Logging Trailers (might need "Free The Logs - Auto Load Logs on Mod/Tweak Trucks" from FOXCRF450RIDER to work!)

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Special Thanks to:

Glitchworks for letting me use his Extreme Mud Tires


tweaked_pacific_trucks_bartelbi.26.zip46.66mb4.2.6 suspension finetuning & bright colors

tweaked_pacific_trucks_bartelbi.14.zip46.65mb4.1.4 finetuning (tire weight, engines, winches..)

tweaked_pacific_trucks_bartelbi.3.zip46.64mb4.0.3 custom tires, towing & more






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mtbs4g63 @mtbs4g63

This mod is no longer available on PS5
It's a very nice mod, but it's sad

Sylvain_huit @sylvain-huit

Je suis sur ps4. J'adore votre mod, mais serais t'il possible que vous facier un mod, avec c'est camion => Pacific P512, Boar 45318, international paystar 5600, Wester star 6900 <=, ce son des camion correct de base, certain camion cité son sortit dans d'autre de vos mod, mais chacun est dans un mod séparement.

Serais t'il possible que vous fasiez un mods regroupent c'est 4 camion la, avec les moteur que vous avez fais dans les mods deja fais, et des nouveaux moteur beaucoup moins gourment s'il vous plais, sa serais génial de les regrouper en un seul mods.

Continuer a faire d'aussi bon mods, je vous remercie de faire des mods utile comme ceut la !

chepra @chepra

everything is awesome, but I would add a Tatra crane on the P512 because there is a Tatra side platform, and there is nothing to complain about at all

AndiAmo1646671001 @andiamo1646671001

Hallo, fine mods, thank you for your work,

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

This whole pack is amazing! The 512T is great with the engine just before they turn to OP, diff lock always on and no AWD is the way to go with this truck and the p16 no matter what and your tweak made it even easier to use them without AWD. Thank you for these ✌🏼 anyone who says they need AWD just doesn’t know how to play SR ;)

gameplaysexperience @gameplaysexperience

I've found an issue related to the medium logs frame, the unpacked logs clips thru the frame . In an uneven terrain is hard to pack the logs again ( yes i manage to flip your trucks haha) keep doing these tweaks they work really good

Olgbogoborec @olgbogoborec

Mate, I am subscribed to almost all Your modes. Some of them are good and some are legends, like Swiss Knife. If I see your name I immediately try the mode - it is already a stamp of quality. Thank you!

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Thanks for the compliment, glad you like my stuff.

larkinsen @larkinsen

Waiting for Bartelbi's tweaked Tayga from season 6. :)

BigShayne @bigshayne5202

bartelbi7 Dude, whenever you get back to modding again, please do something with your cranes. They struggle to lift even the lightest stuff. Trying right now to lift metal beams with the light bandit crane on the P512T and it won't even get them off the ground with the arm fully retracted.

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Thats strange I made all my cranes more powerful and you seem the be only one having a problem there. Maybe some other mod is messing with the cargo weight? I will look into it at some point but it might take a while, I have no time for computer games at the moment, sorry.

XxZHawKxX @xxzhawkxx

I have actually experienced the same thing as big shane with the 512t and bandit crane strugging to lift a variety of even just one slot cargo. I just switched to the mini crane it works great! Aslo just wanted to add that i love this mod and the 512t is one of my go to trucks.


Is their any chance of adding a chained version of the extreme mud tires?

qazserNOS @qazsernos

Man, your P12 is such a nice truck to force the 8 slot trailer through Amur with! The truck is much more manageable in size than the Berliet (and better looking), so I now consider it the best extreme heavy trailer tractor in the game. The polar truck from the Ural 4320 RSK mod is actually very similar but it has less customization (apart from add-ons) and it has wheel weight issues. AZOV BOBIK (and its brothers) is also a contender, but it can have issues keeping the trailer upright and all the exhaust smoke just covers everything. Other quality truck mods I've used just don't have the saddle position high enough for extreme offroading.

Other technically as capable mod trucks I've tested are either way too OP or lack in quality. Yours feels balanced for a truck with such big wheels, at least if one doesn't choose too powerful an engine. It's still slow when pulling heavy loads through the rough stuff, as it should. So your P12 is an exemplary mod truck, no doubt. I just love it, aaaand that is why I have more thoughts about how to make it even better! ;)

I've been using the Flex suspension on it and now with more practical experience with the truck I feel that the front should be a bit softer to match the rear more closely. Obviously the front suspension can't be allowed to flex as much as the rear, as the wheels would hit the wheel arches, but currently that almost never happens. The front of the truck does not like to climb over rocks on one side as the limited flex causes it to rise and the whole truck to tilt whereas the rear can clear the same obstacles staying almost flat. What do you think?

I finally tried the Extreme Mud Tires. They are a pretty nice fit for the P12 but the wheel tracks look weird with the front and the rear being different despite the wheels having the same tread pattern. Neither even actually match the wheels. Interestingly the XML has a specific line to make the rear wheels have a different track. Is that because of the dual wheels? Are the tracks not doubled for double wheels and thus need unique textures that don't have a more appropriate pattern available?

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

I adjusted the tracks, will update the mod if I have more to show for. Only can use tiretracks from the game though, so it is not a perfect match but a lot better.

qazserNOS @qazsernos

How about a drive shaft and front differential for the P16 like in this mod:

kaosdevul @kaosdevul

Hello first of all you do a great job all of your mods are GREAT!! I just wanted to see if you had any plans to add the Extreme Mud Tire [OP] to the BOAR? If you do not have any plans I would really like for you to add those wheels and rim to the BOAR please. Its by far my favorite truck and those are my favorite tires and I love the look of the old school rims on the P12W looks awesome and I love the way the truck performs! You do a great job and thanks again for all of your mods! Your P12W is the best version in the game the guy below is right.

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Thanks 😊 I have no plans for that, but yeah maybe if I do a collection mod of all my tweaks I will offer a lot more tire choices on everything, also I need to ask glitchworks first if that would be ok for him, as he made those tires...

TRAVIS83 @travis83

I do really injoy your truck pak i was going to ask is there a for u to put a sleeper on the p512 i belive it would look good and the only thing i found with the mod p512 is that it likes to bounce

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

I can only tweak what is available in the game or what other modders allow me to use (tires), custom addons like a sleeper is not part of that. Yeah the p512 can be a bit bouncy with some the setups, it also has a very flexible frame... Most of the update work went into the other pacifics though. P512 is still a pretty capable and versatile truck - I did not saw the need to overhaul it that much.