Baja Crew for SnowRunner

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Published by JohnJohnHotRod (mod ID: 1680056)


Here’s the latest with next-gen Baja Crew.

Updated Items:
-Added files for Next-Gen Consoles and Switch
-Compatible with my new Baja Crew Branded Emblems Pack addon for PC ONLY. (Separate mod)
-Added Special Edition Baja Dunes Onboard Dash Radar
-Added a new Overland Roof Rack and Snorkel
-Updated Wheel Package. Tires have 3 tire grip categories with specs for each (Stock-ish, Redline, and Cheater Spec)
-Reworked all the Suspension Tunes for better performance and easier selection
-No Damage Suspension option can be found in my Damage-Control addons section
-Hood has Open/Close Animation
-Functional Truck Bed with Open/Close Tailgate
-Rear Sliding Window with Open/Close Animation
-Updated Chassis, Model Textures, and Misc. parts for a more realistic experience and visuals
-Added a new TrailRider engine and transmission tunes for slower-paced trailing. I also tweaked some of the other tunes for better performance

The 2022 Baja Crew is a modern pickup with some performance and off-road upgrades like a solid axle swap, V8 engine, custom chassis, and optional BajaRunner Spec gear.

Some of the cool features to check out:

-Stock Fenders
-Wide Body Fenders

-5 New new TrailRunner Spec Bumpers
-New TrailRunner Recovery Rack

4 paint styles:
-3 Custom Trail Wear Paint Jobs - The addons also get dusty along with the truck
-Auto Show Metallic Silver Paint
-Selectable Hot Rod Gloss Paint
-Selectable Hot Rod Gloss Paint with Body Color Matched Fender Flares and Bumpers

Most of the engine, trans, and suspension tunes for this truck have been completely reworked. Most are a bit slower, more balanced, and a bit smoother.

I also added a new BajaRunner Spec series of tunes geared towards track days.

For comparison's sake, the BajaRunner Spec suspension is stiffer than my TrailRunner setup but still does a killer job on the trails if you like a stiffer ride.

The BajaRunner Spec engine tune has more HP than my TrailRunner setup but is completely manageable when paired with the BajaRunner Spec Transmission.

The truck also includes a set of stock-ish tires and the vanilla engine & transmission tunes from the stock SnowRunner F750. This is my attempt to bridge the gap for all of those people who have requested toned-down versions of my trucks.

There are 3 hitch options. Use the invisible chassis weight along with the tow suspensions for heavier loads.

The gooseneck hitch is compatible with the [IR] Gooseneck Trailer Pack. (Thanks IR)

If you like having mega repair points…of just a few, check out my new goodies addons. I tried to keep my other addons a bit more realistic.

Like most mods, this is a work in progress so there may be some changes along the way.

Credits: Truck Model. (same as my Concept XUV mod) Tires CGTrader, TurboSquid, & Sketchup. A few of the suspension parts are also from Sketchup, so a huge thanks to all of those artists for their creations.

Finally, thank you to all the map makers for creating all the amazing places for us to abuse our trucks. Massive respect for all your work, time, and creativity.

See ya on the trail…

BTW…It should go without saying but please do not steal or reupload any of my mods or assets. Thanks, and have a nice day.











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Demon489 @demon489

is this mod available for switch lite

nicouruz7 @nicouruz7

Hello; thank you for your information; freestyler friend 👍

MoparManiac07 @moparmaniac07

Updates finally went live on PS4. All I can say is wow man. 100% worth the wait. You've done it again!

nicouruz7 @nicouruz7

Hello; again a big thank you for your fabulous work; your damage control saved my experience in this game; I'm going to do big jumps in nature in your honor; if it's possible for you to install it on the "hooligan" and all your good old school, I'm making a statue of you for the entrance to my house 😁

MoparManiac07 @moparmaniac07

The Hooligan is my fav as well. I believe he is working on the Hooligan as well as some potential new stuff, the last I was aware.

xN0VAx @xn0vax

Any series x/s news on wen this truck come

LibertyMods @libertymods

hey johnjohn, quick question, what's the map in the first and last screenshot? would love to rock this thing through the dessert-like trails

SerkoVskyy @serkovskyy

im lovin it but have wierd feeling its little bit to big like something is wrong with scale.

MatiGarrido13 @matigarrido13

Any Xbox Series X news? I love this mod

MoparManiac07 @moparmaniac07

Seems that all platforms other than PC are still waiting for DEVs approval.

Maktronik @maktronik

Greate MOD. I love this one.
Is there any method to turn off the screens in the cockpit? They eaten a lot of fps.

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Thanks, Nope the screens essentaly mirrors and just near-duplicate images from the door/rearview mirrors. I wasn't aware that the default game mirrors eat fps since I've never seen a drop on my end.... at least not a noticeable drop. Don't think we have the option to tune them on/off.

TRU89x @tru89x

on the pc version you can turn off the mirrors in the options but not sure if it would affect your screens too.

TRU89x @tru89x

Turning off the mirrors on pc does in fact disable your monitors. But then you also lose the mirrors.

RachelTGG @racheltgg

Latest update is AMAZING! Thanks for it!
I think the only think that would make it better are 4 (3 small things) things:
-A overland stile bed rack (like this: )
-Not having the radar on the dash as default
-Having the AT tires on its own category (the AT category), just to organize stuff a bit better
-Can you split the front and rear bumpers on their own categories? again just for organization purpose

Ps: btw, the recovery rack that goes on the bed is broken, it has no repair/refuel stuff parts because the TruckData is inside the GameData

JohnJohnHotRod @johnjohnhotrod

Thanks, I have a similar bed rack and some other overland parts semi-built for this but didn't include them since the ram usage is already pretty high.

A lot of people use the goosenecks, so a roof rack seems like a more versatile addon since I already have the recovery rack in the bed which blocks the gooseneck trailers. Maybe I'll make an addon pack one day.

The radar is on by default but can be easily removed. Just 1 click.

I get what you are saying when it comes to the bumpers/AT categories. I just prefer not to overcomplicate things with added menus. Some could say my mod addons are already a bit overly complicated. lol

I have so many tire grip options that a separate AT category felt unneeded for one tire. (IMO). I almost removed the mud category too since most of my tires could be considered mud tires. It's easy to miss the mud tires since they are so far down the list.

Thanks for letting me know about the broken fuel/repair, I think that might have been broken since the 1st release. I don't remember changing that addon for this update. Darn coding. What is really weird...that coding has worked fine in the past even though it's in game data section. So odd, guess I forgot to change this addon.


xN0VAx @xn0vax

I hop the devs fix the game soon I really miss this truck

MatiGarrido13 @matigarrido13

When will it be available again on xbox?

Kaddett3717 @kaddett3717

He has to include Xbox files on this mod, and since the devs are taking so long approving older mods, it will probably be a while before it comes back

xN0VAx @xn0vax

Are you on the Xbox series x I am to waiting for the truck

xN0VAx @xn0vax

You’ll have to ask johnjohn contact him I’m sure he’ll tell you

Bossfight612 @bossfight612

OFC it's on console, it's not branded, if it were only on PC, it would be named Ford 2020 Raptor, in fact, I don't think any of JJHR's mods are pc only, or even console only