Bad Dingo and Lake Shiatro Region for SnowRunner

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Published by Smed_81 (mod ID: 292014)


Welcome to Bad Dingo Off Road recovery combined with Lake Shiatro as a Region.

You and your buddies will be operating this business to recover vehicles that are stranded in the remote wilderness. You can also earn extra money by hauling supplies to the local businesses. If you need a break hop in your favorite 4x4 to go explore all of the amazing trails the area has to offer. A good knowledge of the landscape will be required to successfully complete rescues and hauling missions.

Garage. Fuel Station. Trailer store. Warehouse. Sawmill. Factory.

10 watchtowers.

8 vehicle rescues.

6 intense delivery missions so far.

This area is set in the Autumn time of year where most of the landscape is still green but has some orange starting to show. The lower elevations are snow free but as you climb into the mountains that changes quickly. The roads are old except for a few new bridges that were built to add access to the factory located on top of the mountain. Due to the poor conditions of the roadways you will need to scout the area to figure out the best possible route for each mission.

Works on both versions of the game.

Thanks to Brimstone, Hyde and Yeahbuddy for testing!

Thanks to Yeahbuddy for an awesome teaser video!




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Greg1647148387 @greg1647148387

its a real shame that the map error is still a problem with this. found the map geared up my load order towards recovery missions because i wanted some challenges and it seemed this one would do it. the map itself is stunning and the terrain is very well made but no missions or garages or anything is showing up besides some vics i found. since the author has not responded in over a year id wager this mod is dead

sve4ka214 @sve4ka214

Добрый день
ошибка, сценарий не действителен(,
можно ли исправить?

Warning: Your scenario is not valid and cannot be uploaded. Log File: %userprofile%\documents\My Games\Snowrunner\base\logs.ModMapError.txt.

отдельно карта Lake Shiatro и Frozen Lake Shiatro - загружается без ошибки
а вот отдельная карта Bad Dingo Off Road Recovery и Bad Dingo and Lake Shiatro Region - тоже с ошибкой сценария (

Packcharge @packcharge

Lake Shiatro is da bomb. Crawling for days. It’s the Shiat!

13voices @drfruge337

Yeah. I pretty much gave up on this map. Which sucks cuz its REALLY Awesome! I have tried on both versions of the game, tried installing it manually, & everything else I could think of to make it work. If anyone has some insight as to what might be causing the "Invalid scenario" error, I would love to hear it.

Avstes @avstes

"Warning: Your scenario is not valid and cannot be uploaded. Log File: %userprofile%\documents\My Games\Snowrunner\base\logs.ModMapError.txt."

BogusProduct48 @bogusproduct48

I can’t seem to find the trailer store. Any guidance?

13voices @drfruge337

For some reason, this map has stopped working for me since the last update. Everything worked fine before so I'm not sure what happened. It loads the map but a message pops up and says "Warning: Your scenario is not valid and cannot be uploaded. Log File: %userprofile%\documents\My Games\Snowrunner\base\logs.ModMapError.txt." I am, and always have been, playing on the test server. Anyone else have this problem? Really sucks cuz this is my favorite map.

Smed_81 @smed-81

Strange...if i get time i will try to update it.

supernautbb @supernautbb

I'm still seeing this error, so I looked into the log file:

scripts/modMapError There is objectives with duplicate names boost

Because of this error, the map loads like the proving grounds. In that the whole map is uncovered, there are no objectives, and the dev menu is activated.

Ejjackson83 @ejjackson83

Crazy map, definitely a must have...

PewPro42 @pewpro42

Hey quick question. Downloaded for Xbox, and can’t seem to figure out how to access the maps? Any guidance would be appreciated!

MythMessiah @mythmessiah

Hit "New Game" and choose Custom Scenarios. Make sure the map is installed and set to "On" in the mod browser.

PewPro42 @pewpro42

Much appreciated!!

chevyz24 @kris-chevyz24

Hi everybody! Do any of you have any idea of why every time I load my Snowrunner, and I go into Mod browser every MOD that I'm subscribed too, is disabled and I have to turn them ALL back on!

Cds4777 @cds4777

Their is a limit on how many mods you can have. Know one knows if it’s cpu memory or a certain number of mods. Try deleting some mods you don’t use and you should be fine.

sticks31 @sticks31

Hi it might be something to do with options button in mods browser, if you have any filters open it turns mods off. Look at ukgamer808 Christmas update video he reviews the problem .

Xxbrutal4i20 @xxbrutal4i20

Please in consoles

Smed_81 @smed-81

Lol not up to me but I hope you guys get it.

Mr.Hyde097 @vander1b97

Holy crap this is amazing!
Favorite maps and quite frankly, Only maps I will really play!!
You guys have raised the bar so high, I can't even play for more than 10 mins on any other map. (Seriously tho)
Honored to have tested this map for you guys!!!!

Smed_81 @smed-81

Thanks Hyde glad you enjoyed the map!