Azov 64131 JBE for SnowRunner

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Published by Jboosted (mod ID: 490134)


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Any custom assets contained in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the artist. They are used in this package with explicit license extension for this use. DO NOT attempt to utilize them in any way in your own mods. Violation of this can and has led to account bans, and further actions will be taken as necessary.

tweak list:

- Default transmissions untouched but added JBE transmission

- Added a backup light strip on rear of cab

- This can tow/pull all trailers, including scout trailers

- Increased fuel capacity to 100 gallons

- Added a few more paint colors

- Added a few more wheel/tire options

- Added Quasimiyao wheel/tire option

- Bandit crane

- US Minicrane

- US and RU Big cranes

- Default suspension adjusted. Added Active, Raised and JBE Flex suspension

- Added an Autonomous Winch. (Longer and Stronger)

- Added LEDS to the steps

- Corrected light colors

- Handbrake is connected to front and rear

- More Snorkel and Exhaust options

dolesen Addon color mod:

FOXCRF450RIDER Off road Trailers mod:

Poghrim Custom Trailers:

Let me know if anything is bugging or not working. Let me know if something needs adjusting. Thank you ; )

1.12.21 Updates 0.8

- Slight speed increase
- Suspensions specs adjusted
- JBE transmission, high gear adjusted

Future Updates:







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ansadx @ansadx

I love this truck! Very stable with 8 slot trailer!
But please could you make it a bit faster? 30% faster would be great!

6.7cummins_1220 @67cummins-1220

One xbox im starting to have minor glitches and crashes with this mod. But completely love your mods great work

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

PS4 player,
@Jboosted, first of all i want to shout a big thanks for making from my absolutely favorite truck (from day one) this even better and awesome version of it! Great job bro, i much appreciate the time and effort you did to get this own version to console. I try every single mod you bring to console and love your work bro. All do i felt on the other trucks that they're a little overpowered even with the weakest engine on it and honestly hate the amount of nonsense tires you get to choose from, i still appreciate your efforts bringing us nicer versions of the vanilla trucks. But this one............ bro, it makes my days playing just so much better😅🤣! Nice though giving this truck just a little bit more speed as it was one of the main annoying non-existent improvement for this already amazing machine! Now with those little cosmetic touches, proper tiers and amazing suspension options, this truck not only drives like a dream off-road hauler but it looks bad *** and a beast of a truck.

If i may be so free and because a love this truck i would like to give you some of my ideas of little improvements to make it even greater. Don't get me wrong bro it is already just fine the way it is and it looks. But in my personal opinion it could be even better meaner looking, complete and the only truck i will ever need😅!

So here it its:

those supplie racks are a great toch but i love the way this truck look without them, and i also always tend not use those on other trucks as well. No specific reason, again i think they're a nice touch and for some players and in some situations they come handy. So it still nice to have the option.

1.1- rooflights rack (with or without the
beacons like for the vanilla trucks).

1.2- more of those nice led lights (like you did
for the scout 800 bonnet) for the top-front
cabin. Put 4 of them on a low-profile roof-rack
and it should look very nice.

1.3- separated beacons to put them on the
top-front or on the back of the cabin. If the
follow could be done should be much
appreciated: set those beacons on OFF by
default. You can than put them ON when
needed or wanted in the interface menu. No
one done this before so i don't know if it is
possible but this is one of those annoying
futures on the game and a much discussed

1.4- add as roof add-on the flasher bar from
the Z-4266 slidebed. You can find the same
flash bar on the heavy wrecker mod truck.
That flash bar just looks amazing and

1.4.1- those little flashing strips on the
front of the Z-4266 would look cool on all
of the trucks.

1.5- black or in matching color windshield
spoiler, like the one from the kolob.

2- instead of roof supplies rack, the Z-4266 has a tool box on the underside of the truck. That would be a nice touch too.

3- the option (voron D) to put the crane on the backside of the sidebed frame add-on is great and should look very nice on this truck as well. The only downside side of it is like on the voron you can only get the crane on the back if you use that "BLUE" new modded sidebed! It doesn't match with any color of the trucks that's such a shame! Can somebody just makes us a nice looking side and lowbed for frame add-ons, pls!!! Black, grey or something like that so the trucks look better. But again the crane on the back is great and should look very nice on a lot of the other trucks.

4- off-road / mud tires. A couple of pc (mostly scouts) mods have some great created and bad *** tires. I wonder if would be possible to get some more of those for the trucks on console as well.

5- more rims some more bad *** off-road rims are lacking on this game. I love the ANK black rims bij the way. The only right choice for this truck right now.

Probably you'll not even read this Neverending long post but if you do, here is again a big thanks for all your effort making us those great mods and submitting them to console as well.

Big thanks,
PS4 player

Garrell13 @garrell13

If at all possible could you please do the F750? That would make a really cool mod

Theodore_Flood @theodore-flood

I really am enjoying all of the trucks you have modded. if i could make one request though, would it be possible to make the trucks with rear steer have a option for no rear steer? Like the p16 has two listings, one for the the single and one for the double wheel option. Have a rear steer and non rear steer option. Just curious. Thanks for what you're doing.

6.7cummins_1220 @67cummins-1220

Just wanna say that i use all of your trucks!!! They are great and the capabilities of them make them the tuffest trucks!!!

Yrich @yrich

Очень отличный мод но зачем делать такую проходимость, что даже нигде не буксует. Весь интерес к игре с таким модом пропадает. (даже танки застревают, а ваш нет ))


It would be awesome to see an LED Light Bar as an option as well on the front top of the cab of the truck that goes all the way across the top.

ARygaard @arygaard

This truck is all I waited for since day one!!! Best truck in the game by far. Love it. Keep up tjek good work buddy. Thanks.

dimka202 @dimka202

добавь мощьности и скорости а так мод класс

kjhoward4830 @kjhoward4830

All your mods are awesome💪💪
Keep up the good work💯

Td84 @td84

My fav in game truck great job , any way to get atleast 1 op tire ? Or Maybe alittle more power overall one of my fav mods

Nicklemke658 @nicklemke658

the 5 trucks i would like to see you do
1.western star twin steer clt9000
3.azov 42-20 Antarctic
4.khan lo4f
and if aloud on ps4 caterpillar 770g

nlgamer98 @nlgamer98

can you do the international paystar 5600TS when phase 3 drops

Midralio @midralio

Hello ,
It is an excellent mod ,but can't attach a trailer while a crane and a flatbed of a sidebed are attached at the same time.
If you don't mind can you improve this section ? Otherwise the truck is very capable.
Well done!

2141gt @2141gt

This car turned out to be more believable and more balanced than the Voron-D 53233. We are now looking forward to the azov 5319 with an enlarged fuel tank and Taiga tires. And also Step 310e with new tires and a fuel tank. Thanks for your work on these machines!

SPixEH92 @spixeh92

Awesome mod Jboosted! Been using this all over big salmon peak and flooded foot hills and love it.

2141gt @2141gt

Author, please make the following positions:
1) Average suspension height;
2) Not turning the rear wheels (a real truck does not have this) or two modes, with and without turning rear wheels.
3) Slightly reduce the grip of the tires. With them you can climb almost 90% of the mountain))
4) Make a second exhaust pipe on the roof, if possible, of course? ))

Terryleoweedon @terryleoweedon

I like this mod, but it has no power under load pulling a trailer, and could use an xtra 10mph top speed. Change those and it would be perfect.

Jboosted @jboosted

I'll look into adjusting the power. This build was a rush build

Terryleoweedon @terryleoweedon

Just to let you know im playing on a ps5, my buddy was on a ps4 pro. I don't know if that changes anything. But thank-you.