Azov 5319 SE "Evakuator" for SnowRunner

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Published by LoB1325 (mod ID: 134294)


Hi all, something a bit different here. A specially designed recovery truck. I hope you enjoy.

Should work with subscribe button.

I brought those changes to the Azov 5319 :

-Added possibility to use big crane + heavy semitrailer.

-Custom Engine.

-Custom Gearbox.

-Custom suspensions.

-Custom RU rear mini Crane.

-Modified Tayga Wheels. (+Large choice)

-Added Kung with gas. (+Rear mini crane)

-Custom Winch.

-500 ltrs gas Tank.

-Added rear steer. (+Improved global steering)

-4 Beacon config available.

-Probably other things i forget.

NEW IN 2.0 :

-Added weight to the truck to boost big crane lift abilities.

-Modifications to custom gearbox.

-Added torque to every engine available to compensate the weight gain.

-Added US minicrane in rear position.

-Added paints.

-All cranes extenders setted to not clip with every wheels available.

-Added custom MSH3 tyres.

NEW IN 2.1:

-Added towing kit. (Added a towing plate you can put the truck chassis on. Then secure it with the custom winch points on the towing plate. Towing never been so easy).

Better with:

Offroad trailers:

Pseudo sling loader:

Addon recolor:

Original towing kit idea:

Trailer in red Hummer screenshot from Kraz 255 RSK:

Link to Nvidia guide :








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frayes @frayes

When I try to install mods he deactivates the truck to me, I have the snowruner PC, help.

LoB1325 @lob1325

I do not have same problem, i really don't know how to help you. Mods are supposed to work with subscribe button. You must also activate the mods in game under the mods tab. Once those two steps are done, everything is supposed to work. I can't recommend overwriting game files with the files downloaded in the archive.

LuuD @luud

hi, rly nice mod, 1 info pls, there is a way to use the special big crane with Kolob 74760 ?

LoB1325 @lob1325

Hi, Luud, thanks for the comment. Every addon that ain't been renamed is normally compatible with every other vehicule. For example, a modded crane that ain't been renamed can be used with every vehicule that is compatible with the same base game crane. I hope it helps. Kolob is having no crane available in base game but it can be added like in the excellent Kolob Porter mod.

LuuD @luud

ye im using that porter mod to use crane on kolob, but that crane is not stronger then your, porter crane struggle alot to lift up medium trucks, your lift them like i lift 1 plate of spaghetti :D i was trying to figure out how to use your crane with porter mod, but without success, becouse i know nothing about modding unfortunatelly. aniway good job rly with this mob, so funny

LoB1325 @lob1325

He probably renamed the crane he uses, that's why you can't use mine on Kolob Porter. Did you asked him to add a beefed up crane on porter mod? I'm happy you like the truck.

DracoLander @dracolander

I think i messed something with overwriting suspension file, because i can't modify 5319's suspension... :|

DracoLander @dracolander

Ok, don't know wtf, but i can equip Azov 5319 with engine, gearbox and suspension from this mod or move to initial.pak/[media]/classes/trucks and change file name from mod to "Azov_5319.xml" (by removing "_SE" part) and equip it's back but without engine, gearbox and suspension... :|

LoB1325 @lob1325

You can also change the name of the truck in customization_preset.xml removing _SE as you done for the truck.xml file. I renamed the azov with a capital letter. Try change Azov for azov. I don't know if this will solve your problem as i play the mod only with subscribe button. The engine, gearbox and suspension files are still named as vanilla, there is no need to modify truck.xml for those files.

DracoLander @dracolander

Sadly now 5319 is completely missing from the game... :|

LoB1325 @lob1325

Go there: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client and delete your initial .pak. Then go to epic games launcher and verify your game. It will download the missing files and your game will be fixed. I hope we will someday have the choice to remplace a vanilla truck by a mod with subscribe button. Until there i can only recommend using it with subscribe button. I hope it helps.

Nester @nester

Ok. I take it! :)

LoB1325 @lob1325

I hope you like, do not hesitate to leave a comment with your feedback, and click recommended if you like. Thanks.

DROYX @droyxgame

How to do that any equipment crane clung to the roof and not the bottom?

LoB1325 @lob1325

Do you mean for the hummer scout?

DROYX @droyxgame

Is it really possible to do this for all cars?

Alighierian @alighierian

There is a mod which adds/allows you to add rooftop crane winch points:
That version is scout-only for now, but you can theoretically do the same for any other truck.

DROYX @droyxgame

Well. Thanks. I'll try.

LoB1325 @lob1325

You can also add winch points the same way. Or simply try my Hummer mod

LoB1325 @lob1325

I linked every other recommended mod in description. Thanks Alighierian.