Additional Paintjobs for Vanilla Trucks for SnowRunner

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Published by HotshotGNX (mod ID: 125646)


Tired of the same old paintjobs? Looking for some variety? Look no further!

This is a collection of both additional colour combinations, as well as new solid colours for your beloved machines.

Hope y'all enjoy!

NOTICE: This mod will most likely interfere with mods that change or add paintjobs on the default vehicles in the game.

VERSION 7.50: Added support for Wolf Pack DLC, added 4 solid colours and 6 triple-tone paints

VERSION 7.10: Added support for Land Rover Dual Pack DLC

VERSION 7.00: Added support for upcoming Season 7 vehicles (if you are on the PTS, you should see these changes immediately, otherwise there will be no noticeable change until Season 7 launches).

VERSION 6.10: Added support for the Crocodile Pack DLC.

VERSION 6.00: Added support for Season 6, added placeholder slots for upcoming skins on some trucks (if you are playing on the PTS, you already have these skins).

VERSION 5.00: Added support for Phase 5, added support for Jeep DLC, added two new triple-tone paint sets, one winter themed, one woodland themed, for a total of 12 new paint choices( 6 per set).

VERSION 4.50: Added support for Tatra DLC trucks, added 6 new military themed solid colours, 3 each for Russian and U.S. militaries and added a selection of triple-toned paints with these colours (looks best on camouflage themed trucks).

VERSION 4.00: Added support for the Phase 4 update, including DLC skins, added 38 new solid colours.

VERSION 3.00: Added support for SnowRunner PTS version 12.5, added support for DLC Skins in PTS 12.5.

VERSION 2.60: Added support for SnowRunner PTS version 10.4, added support for DLC Skins in PTS 10.4.

VERSION 2.51: Tweaked paint list for the Tuz 166 to support the addon paintjob.

VERSION 2.50: Added support for the new vehicle in the upcoming Imandra Update.

VERSION 2.00: Added 100 additional colour combinations for each vehicle, including many pastel and earth tone colours.

WHAT'S NEXT?: I'm planning a more organized overhaul of the entire paint list at some point in the future, as well as combining "unique" paint combinations from each individual truck into the main paint list.

Courtesy of Meclizine

1. Go to your Snowrunner game data (where the .pak files are)

2. Open initial.pak as a zip file and open the "[media]" folder

3. Download and open the zip file containing the latest version of the paintjobs mod

4. Open the paintjobs.pak file inside it

5. Drag the "classes" folder from paintjobs.pak into the "[media]" folder inside initial.pak

6. Let winrar, or your archiver of choice, overwrite the folders and files with default settings

This has to be repeated every time either the mod or game are updated. When the game updates, initial.pak is overwritten.


















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Kyrox7 @kyrox7

Does this have to be manually installed for compatibility with realism overhaul v2?

HotshotGNX @hotshotgnx

It most likely does, this mod likely includes it's own version of the customization_preset file, so in order to add my mod to it, you would need to follow the manual installation instructions on this page.

kremblin89 @kremblin89

Update for the Land Rovers?

Armoredp @armoredp

Thanks for keeping this essential mod updated!

axelteflon @axelteflon

The unsung hero of all my mods, my fleet wouldn't look like a fleet without this.

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Nice! Looking forward to the updated version of this Mod ✌

twilkins397 @twilkins397

I like this mod but I’m having trouble with it. It won’t work on other vehicles only the Jeep’s I’ve tried uninstalling it reinstalling it but it won’t work is there something I need to do or what

HotshotGNX @hotshotgnx

Hmm, do you have other mods besides this one? It sounds like something is interfering with the customization file, unfortunately pretty much any mod that makes changes to the paints on the default vehicles will cause issues, unless it's one of the mods that has had this mod added to it. I would suggest disabling mods one at a time, and see if the paints return to all the trucks. I'm sorry you're having issues, though, and I hope that my suggestion helps!

twilkins397 @twilkins397

Thanks sorry it took me so long I actually completely forgot about this thank you it worked

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Love this Mod! Use it all the time ✌

kremblin89 @kremblin89

Will this be updated for phase 5?

HotshotGNX @hotshotgnx

Yes, it will, I apologize for not having it done already. I'm hoping to have it updated by the end of the week.

kremblin89 @kremblin89

No need to rush, thanks for the update.

Call_Me_Spudd @call-me-spudd

This is great to hear, I absolutely LOVE this mod. I have found a bug that I recently noticed, the Tatra T813 special DLC paint scheme is shown as an two tone orange and blue paint scheme.

HotshotGNX @hotshotgnx

I'm guessing that the DLC paint is not showing while using my mod? If the paint came out after my last update, then yeah, it won't show at the moment. I have to make a special entry to allow for the DLC paint, I'll be sure to have that fixed in the upcoming update.

tommikristiansatta @tommikristiansatta

Edit: Problem solved, just basically removed every mod i had and installed again, dunno what was the issue but oh well, it works now, great mod! :)

Ok, for some reason this mod just decided to stop working for me all of a sudden... I've got the customization_preset in the initial.pak--->media--->classes--->customization presets but i've got no additional colours.. wonder what's wrong now, anyone else having the same problem..?? This is driving me nuts! :/
Edit: Tried messing around with the xml files but nothing works, even if i manually copy the files from the mod xml directly to the game's xml it doesn't work.. The only thing i Did manage to do, was i was able to make the additional colours work on a mod truck but not on any of the vanilla trucks, i'm completely baffled by this, pls help, thanks and forgive me for bombing messages here :D

xiGeox @xigeox

Yes dude! Finally some mil color schemes. Thank you!!!! Absolutely love this update.

castleball87 @castleball87

beautiful work my friend

Kenner98 @kenner98

Hi, first of all good Mod, but with the new Version I get every 10 to 20 min a ctd, so I compared your customization_preset.xml with the Original and added your IDs without changing the original IDs, Snowrunner now ran for three hours without CTDs, should anyone have the same Problem, that was the solution for me, have a nice day.

HotshotGNX @hotshotgnx

Interesting, I haven't experienced this on my own time playing with the mod, but I'm glad you found a way to make it work for you.