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If you hit me with a negative review please tell me why/what you didn't like. The goal is to have a mod backed by what an active community wants.

This is probably about where most people are gonna stop reading so, real quick before I completely lose you, scroll down and comment a suggestion of a change you'd like to see in the game. If it's it something relatively small and you don't want what will become the myriad of changes this mod is/will be I'll be happy to post just the files required for the change requested

Brief Description of the 'mod' as a whole

What I'm going for here is mainly quality of life changes and reworking late-game progression, I've noticed that as you cruise into later ranks the unlocks become overall lamer as you get higher and higher. This mod will, in time, correct that. If this mod gains some actual follow-ship it will quickly move to a crowd-sourced collection of changes meaning that the more people that ask for a change the more likely the change becomes. That means I'll have to stay version current too.

What I'm working on RIGHT NOW

Nothing specific at current, tooling around with the requested changes.

Manual Install ONLY

Don't even know what the subscribe to install button does. I will never mod that way. Well. someone in the comments reminded me that this game was also released on consoles and as such their only option for mods is via the subscribe button So, at current, I don't know what needs to be done on my end to incorporate subscribe to install functionality. If someone enlightens me on what I need to do I will promptly make whatever changes I need to at that point. If no one tells me I'll figure it out eventually.

Installation Instructions

Before you proceed, please for your own sake, make a back-up of your initial.pak(file path listed below)

Have WinRAR.

Technically you don't need it but it's 2020 you should have WinRAR.

Download File.

Replace your file with mine.

Hot-take: If you can't find your file this mod isn't for you. Just kidding, I love you, here's the file path: *WHEREVER_YOU_INSTALLED_THE_GAME*\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client


Mods with changes I "stole" meaning you don't need both unless you want to be sure it's the other person's changes.

"Fuel capacities based on real data" by ElfVierzehn

They did all the legwork here so honestly they deserve the credit so go like their thing.

"Realistic Transmissions" by eclipse538

Don't download this mod without liking this human's mod he did a lot of numbers.

"Responsive Steering 1.1" by Lo2k

Just a repeated value change that I'll probably edit on a per-vehicle basis later but definitely not now, so go like his mod anyway because he did it first.

"Siraij's Better Tire Pressure" by Siraij

Don't download this mod without liking this human's mod he did a lot of numbers too.

Updates to this mod will be ideally weekly/bi-weekly but I will not flood the server(s) with 50+ 80Mb downloads. By the time I get to v1.2.0, v1.0.0 will no longer be available.

Feel free to suggest changes if I CAN AND WANT to, I'll add them.

If there is reasonable request for some changes as opposed to all changes I'll post those changes as a separate download.

i.e. if enough people ask for just the changes I've made to suspensions ill post that as a separate file so you can pick and choose what changes you get. However, they'll will always be with the whole mod in mind.

*Stole is in quotation marks because it's xml data.



acot.3.zip84.38mb1.1.1 v2



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maximustrajan23 @maximustrajan23

something incorporating tuned suspensions are just "less bouncy" suspensions.. im not a truck driver IRL, so i dont know if thats the way certain trucks behave if they have a "raised" suspension kit put on them, but it seems like its over the top, as i tend to start bouncing and then tip over lol

Barret52 @barret52

el juego es genial los felicito, ojala puedan crear aun juego como el 911 donde no solo policías en acción sino también como rescate en cordilleras en distintos escenarios por ejemplo incendio forestales rescatando familias ,buscando alpinistas perdidos realizando rapel helicópteros de rescate en que uno pueda pilotearlo etc.

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

¿Quieres que ponga helicópteros en un juego sobre camiones de carretera?

jebb_des @jebb-des

It is a pity that you refused the detailed list of changes - it was convenient with a manual update.
Did you manage to make empty fuel trailers in a trailer store?
Idea: Close access to the next map until ALL tasks on the current are completed. This will not make it possible to raise ranks at the beginning of the game by rolling a scout on the cards. And thereby open all the improvements and ranking wheels already at the start. Now I’m running this mode (manually) - on Smithville Dam it’s still very tough :)

Alighierian @alighierian

In regards to your idea: it really wouldn't work beyond a self-imposed limit, for the very simple reason there are a number of cross-region tasks which would be impossible to complete. I also started my first playthrough that way, and whilst it was fun, it would seriously suck to have it as hard limit.

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

I put the changelog I've been using as a working log I didn't even think about the changelogs when I updated the file to 5.1
I haven't tried to make empty fuel trailers? I'm sure that can be done with relative ease though.
I'll look into locking off the different maps but with what I know about how the game works it's probably not doable. That said, it's definitely easier to just play it that way, that's how I've played my save since i started.

GIAN97 @gian97

Alanedelawn An modification for longer days will be great

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

Doesn't look promising/easy to do with how the files handle in-game time but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna give it a try. I think my best bet will be trying to slow the clock as a whole as opposed to specifically slowing it during the day.

GIAN97 @gian97

Yes, I was reading that in the mudrunner the developers had implemented an xml in the root of the game that allowed scaling time, but since I never played it I am not sure how to anchor it to this game. Unfortunately in the daytimes folder there is nothing related to change the course of the minutes...

by the way, do you know how to change or add more power to the headlights of trucks from some xml? there is a mod of led lights but in my case it works with 4x4s and it is already outdated

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

yeah in the xmls for each truck there's a <HeadLight> (control +F that and you'll jump straight to it) It looks like you can change a quite a bit of how the headlights appear visually. To make them brighter you need to alter these lines
<Flare _template="HeadLight" AspectRatio="2" Color="g(255; 235; 200) x 0.6" DirAngle="140" Size=".35" Pos="(4.239; 1.202; -0.876)" />
<Flare _template="HeadLight" AspectRatio="2" Color="g(255; 235; 200) x 0.6" DirAngle="140" Size=".35" Pos="(4.239; 1.202; 0.876)" />
more specifically the the multiplier, in this case, 0.6 you can go over 1.0 if you want but honestly 1.0 is more than enough

w1mbfx @w1mbfx

I would love to see a Tri-Axel Dump Truck & Tracked Excavator, Cat, Volvo and a Grader.

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

well chief those are all, correct me if I'm wrong, a little out of scope and would need built from scratch 3D models(which I have no skills for)

Maltanoro @maltanoro

So far these teaks look awesome. Gonna test this mod today :D

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

im working on rolling everything forward to be version current it's going smoothly I'll likely been done doing so in a day or two, next monday at the latest. Also trying to add some small changes as i go like today i was rolling forward the gearbox edits and put some personal touches namely less durability because tbh they just had too much to ever even really acknowledge damage during "normal play." Before i went through there were several with values over 200, which is ridiculously high, now the highest durability values float around 120 which is still plenty to deal with occasional damage. also increased the damage consumption modifier because in most cases it didn't even go over like 1.7 meaning you could still get quite far with a highly damaged transmission which in my opinion is big no-no

XDNinjaGG @xdninjagg

Just make is subcribeable for us xbox players

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

If someone can tell me how i will do so. I kinda forgot this game released on consoles so I don't want to segregate a huge portion of the community. Using the version I currently have, I have no way of testing the subscribe functionality.

RedneckNation @rednecknation

Are your console mods popping up?

Maltanoro @maltanoro

everything in the "Realism Overhaul" mod as it seems it's been abandoned. Also "Actual weight for trailers" and "Actual weight for cargo", "tireselection + tractionadjustments" and "MOAR POWAAAAAAA".

LactobasilusOG @lactobaciluog

They are not abandoned. Those mods are simple, and i think do not require further changes

Maltanoro @maltanoro

LactobasilusOG I did not mean that your mods have been abandoned, just the "realism overhaul" one, as it haven't been updated in close to a month, and the author does not answer when someone writes in the comments.

I use your mods all the time, and I love them.

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

yeah the more i look over it the more of a finished product it becomes it's got some very small things that can be "fixed" to your(my) liking but I wouldn't call it abandoned. I wouldn't really call it simple either my dude was messing with clouds and **** when he made his.

LactobasilusOG @lactobaciluog

You are both right. i was refering to my mod. since i can't speak for other creators.
Maltanoro glad you enjoy the mod (Y)
Alanedelawn I'm sure it's not simple, I didn't mean to undermine it. :)

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

LactobasilusOG I didn't even realize the you were the author for the actual weights mods. Excellent work. It's a real point of contention for me as to why the devs didn't impose real world data in more cases. As with fuel and such, like it has a known weight per liter/gallon they didn't need to make one up. I figure it might be because of balance, but in a game striving to be an off-road sim i feel like the most important thing should be using as much real world data as possible

Alanedelawn @alanedelawn

are you recommending the changes from those mods. If yes it'll be a minute. I've played with the weight changes I like them but they're a big change when it comes to gameplay. With those kind of weights even with "MOAR POWAAAAAAA" trailers can get beached rather easily. Also, I hate that mod name but that's neither here nor there. I'll look at the "tireselection + tractionadjustments" but odds are it touches a lot of files that imo don't need to be touched. I've seen that a lot of people just add and add using the bigger is better motto which is fine but I'm not into that. The trucks are meant to have uses, some more niche than others.

Edit - After briefly looking over the tireselection mod I certainly use some of the data but probably not all of it, Like I figured it touches a lot of files so to have any of the changes with changes I've already made I'll have to manually add the changes they made to mine. Which takes awhile. Especially when you have to playtest to make sure a small change doesn't choke out the game's performance.

Edit 2 - Gave the more power mod a look. Firstly in that description the author claims a 25% increase in torque across all engines. Looking at that value for multiple engines its not a flat 25% increase which is fine because that may be because of a change I made to engines early on that I've now forgotten. I know for a fact I've changed the engines in respect to the "FuelComsumption" values in respect to the increased fuel capacity, meaning I'll have to manually change the files, meaning i'll start looking to real world values for torque output wherever practical. In the case of *rarely* used engines like the 5.2 custom for the CK1500 I'll probably just assign a value based existing torque values i.e. plus XX% of the original torque.

Edit 3 - Incorporating changes from the Realism Overhaul will be a slow process. It's basically a *finished* version of what I'm trying to do. Odds are I'll reference it a lot as I continue to make changes.

Maltanoro @maltanoro

Some of the changes would be nice, but not necessarily all of them.

I look forward to seeing the finished product (your mod) :D