6900XD Twinsteer TT Pack for SnowRunner

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Published by thieme1989 (mod ID: 1405316)


Ok I know Twinsteer tweaks have been done to death and I am really hesitant to release my own but I will just throw it out there and hope it can make some people happy.
My reason to create my own truck despite there already being so many tweaks is simple. Some are too OP without enough choices to turn it down, others have annoying clipping issues either with wheels or addons and yet others simply handle horrible (in my opinion).
My short list was simple: A 6900XD that is able to carry long logs on it's bed, have a trailer hitch, be nice to drive without being overly OP (or at least give decent choice to level of OPness) and to reduce clipping issues to a minimum.

What I ended up doing is splitting the truck in two versions

The first version uses heavy double wheels and does not have rear steering. Steering angle slightly nerfed from vanilla to 38° and 30°, mostly to prevent clipping or other issues.
The second version uses heavy single wheels and has rear steer like the Phoenix, meaning that both rear wheels turn at different rates. Yes a rear steer WS6900 is already unrealistic but even more unrealistic are those mods that make the rear wheels turn at the same rate. For those interested steering angles in order front to back 36°, 27°, -9°, -12°

I split the trucks up because there are people that like the rear steer and there are people that don't like it, so hopefully having two trucks means everyone is happy. There are only a handful of single tires on the truck without rear steer. This is because I blocked myself out from using a certain argument to control wheel offsets. Not having acces to this argument also means having duallies on the truck with rear steering would definitely clip (although even if they didn't clip they would stand out like a sore thumb and I don't like it)

Changes to both trucks:
- Tweaked engines and added a few more engines. The first 3 are basically the stock engines, 2 more are vanilla+ continuing the same 25K torque steps. The 6th engine makes a massive jump and sits at 400K torque. (stock max = 250K torque, strongest vanilla engine is 260K torque)
- Tweaked the gearboxes and added some options.
- Tweaked the suspensions and added active suspension as well. Quite a bit of work went into this, I wanted to have seperate suspension settings for each of the 4 axles. It works but it does block me out from using "Rearoffset" argument. So that is the reason why the truck without rear steer only has a handfull of single wheels.
- Added a lot of wheel and rim choices and tweaked some wheels. Max wheel size turned down to 60", 63"was pretty ridiculous in my opinion. Added custom wheels by Iceberg101 A lot of thanks for letting me use them!
- Tweaked the winches and added offline winches (winch length available is 20m or 30m)
- Added Ford CLT9000 "bumper" including hitch. Latest update made the "bouncing" seperate from the rest of the truck a lot less!
- Added Long log addons to enable the carrying of long logs on the back of the truck. Trailer hitch is still available but trailers with a short drawbar will not be able to turn.
- Added both short and medium logs using the Cat log bunk and added a logging crane to go with it.
- Added a crane platform on the back + a choice of US, RU and a logging crane which can be mounted on it (US minicrane has more reach but trailers can hit anchors on backing up, RU minicrane has less reach but no issue with anchors. Unpacked cargo on the last slot will float, the collisions mesh of the repurposed cabin protector is bigger then the model that is hidden inside the frame. I can't fix that, if you don't like it just don't use the platform :)
- Increased fuel tank capacity to 440L (stock is 360L)
- Added Kolob horns and ct861 rooflights
- Added an option to take a few extra repairpoints or fuel. Those boxes under the truck are a shame to stay unused.

I am against adding any other frame addons and it would mess with console approval since there isn't really a way to tell the game to stop being able to pack cargo on places that are occupied. If I would put a crane on the truck you'd be able to pack cargo inside the crane. I have not found an elegant solution to counter this problem. If you do know of a solution drop me a message.

Warning! Changing addons using devtools when there is cargo on the truck, can and will crash your game.

Huge thanks to both Bartelbi and dev Pavel for helping me sort out some problems and Bartelbi for letting me use his wheel/rim combo's.

This truck already came a long way to becoming more versatile but if you are looking for a true "Swiss army knife" or just another truck that can also carry long logs without trailer check out:

As always constructive criticism is very welcome. Hope people can enjoy this tweak!

Issues or comments? please direct message me or tag me using @thieme1989 in the comments! Else I might miss your message











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Eqaulo @eqaulo

Will this mod become available for next gen at one point?


Hi is their any chance of putting the diff-lock on permanent as it performs a lot better when is engaged

onelows10 @onelows10

Spelling and grammatical issues, and problems with the camera not focusing on what some of the parts are for this truck when checking out certain addons, makes it hard to enjoy exploring the (limited) options of what can be done to this truck to get it setup just right without cringing.

szinesgeza42 @szinesgeza42

Please change the hardness of the suspensions.
I know you meant well when you hardened it, but trust me, it's not the way to go. By hardening it up, the vehicle behaves like a brick! The wheels lose traction. Instead, restore the original.
If your eyesight is good, you can see for yourself. The first video shows your "original" suspension. In the second, the one I restored.
Don't mind that it has different wheels. Both "chained"!

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Ended up making a softer suspension with a "active" option meant to raise the back while under load.
Let me know what you think

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Sorry but the suspension is the way I like it and the way I feel it should be with a slight nod to the real life truck. I agree the suspension settings take away from grip but this truck is not meant to be a mountain goat with very flexible suspension. It is mainly a truck that can carry heavy loads on decent roads.
I am glad you seem to have the knowledge to edit the settings to your own liking, I think this is always the best way that people get the truck they want. As a mod creator it is almost impossible to keep everyone happy. Should a lot of people request a softer suspension I am still willing to look into it but as of now I am happy where the truck stands.

szinesgeza42 @szinesgeza42

It doesn't matter to me, because I can adjust it myself...
But you do know that this is an off-road truck game!??!??

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Really? My life is a lie! Obviously I have only been playing the Highway Hauling maps. I already thought it was an awfull amount of mud in your video. It scared me.
Without sarcasm tho you are free to use my tweak or not use it and also free to tweak it to your own liking. I obviously can't speak for everyone but so far the ratings on this truck mean I am doing something right and people like it. I'll say again if there are more people (that can't edit the mod for themselves) with this request I will gladly look into it but so far there does not seem to be a need for it.

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

I like the truck and some of your other tweaks too. Don’t like too many twin steer mods cause they’re typically over the top and with this one I can find the balance I’m looking for. The heavy duty 8 speed gearbox I think is just geared a bit too low as it feels like it can barely move the concrete slabs I was hauling, I switched to the vanilla off-road gearbox and it seemed much better. Maybe it was just me but I think it could use a little tweaking as it felt to drag my truck along. I was using it with the slightly over powered engine, maybe I just had the truck setup wrong? Either way, I enjoy this truck a lot 👍🏻. EDIT: just used the blue loading crane as well and that seemed to struggle to pick up concrete blocks. Few little tweaks here and there and this truck would be the perfect twin steer mod!

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Hmm in general the 8 gear gearbox should pull a little better, especially with heavy loads since it has a lower geared first gear and smaller steps between the gears compared to the offroad box (which isn't vanilla btw). Sadly there are few gearbox settings we have acces to, most seems hardcoded. Because of this lack of settings I find that the 8 gear gearbox works best when you tap the clutch key to put it in the right gear when you notice the truck doesn't do what you expect it to do. Often you can already hear this by the sound it makes.
As for the cranes I could edit them a little bit but not sure if I should. To start off, the yellow crane is a bit more powerful than the blue. On top of that most people are used to the default setting cranes and they work well enough for most cargo. Just need to remember to lift close to the truck. As for arranging cargo on the truck you can push cargo with the boom.
I would love to give you a universal socket for the crane so you can install another mod for it but sadly there needs to be some edits in the cranefile to make it so that it requires the platform first.

I will think about this matter a bit more. Not going to give a definitive yes or no yet although I really feel it isn't that necesarry personally.

If you are open to it I could also tell you how to edit the files in my mod, or I could tell you how to use another mod crane on my truck. Pog's Atlas crane for example is very strong (but also very heavy)

syedtalha123 @syedtalha123

Hey I love this mod. One of my favorites to use in my new playthrough. I know you've mentioned the saddle cant be used cuz it causes issues with the cargo slot. Is it possible to put it on a platform that sticks out past the truck like you have with the minicrane? That way you can have your 4 slots of cargo and a "saddle platform" if you will

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Hey! Glad you like the truck. As for your question:
No, sorry
a) I don't have access to a suitable model to do this
b) I try to not go for too crazy edits. You will not find any real life truck that has the saddle some meters behind the rear wheels. Ofcourse it is a game, not all has to be 100% realistic but I draw the line somewhere and for me such a saddle is not an option.

MaiklFox @maiklfox69

вот что можно сделать с WesternStar 49x, WesternStar 49xT, WesternStar 49xS - (OlSom's Trailer Pack for SnowRunner)
это для средних бревен( если не хватит длинны можно решетку поставить не вертикально а горизонтально) вот так

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Извините, даже с помощью переводчика я не совсем понимаю, что вы пытаетесь сказать. В любом случае, с личной точки зрения я доволен тем, каким получился грузовик. Я не думаю, что буду добавлять к нему что-то еще, если это не будет иметь смысла.

scraggsds1 @scraggsds2

You came within inches of making the perfect 6900 non OP mod. My favorite by far. Love the tire selection and the suspension is damn near perfect on both trucks. There is literally only 3 changes I would suggest for a future update. Make the same tire selections for both trucks. The delta tires on the quad steer look badass but on the front steering the fronts seem a little weird. Maybe just the wheel. Also offer the same sizes on both trucks. Add the 10 speed transmission or similar and add the high saddle at least. Aside from that….perfect truck. Again those are just suggestions. The trucks are the best tweak to date I have used. Thank you for the mods.

thieme1989 @thieme1989


As mentioned in the long description. Adding the same wheels to both trucks will not work out well and look weird because I can not offset the wheels on each axle seperately. The game only uses general offset and rearoffset. General offset works for all wheels but rearoffset only works for wheels on the axles that are coded with "location=rear" Because of my suspension I can't really do location=rear. I personally prefer better suspension over more wheel choice.
I agree the Delta wheels are a tiny bit too narrow on the front of the Twinsteer. Again this is tied down into how the game handles wheels. It is not set on a per wheel base but it is set in the truck XML and would go for all wheels (quad duallies your thing?). They are Icebergs wheels too so I can hardly tell him to make his wheels exactly to my liking. I already really appreciate having these on the truck.
As far as 10 speed transmission is concerned. I haven't done a lot of testing in this but to me it doesn't seem necesarry. The closer the gear ratio's are the more you will find yourself having to bang that shift button to sit in the right gear. I feel as if the 8 speed transmission already shows that when you drive around empty. Sure I could add some more "speedy" gears on top of the 8 speed but considering the wonky physics of the game and how easy it is to tip this truck (especially the Quadsteer) going at speed I personally think I made a decent compromise.
Lastly the high saddle. Sadly it will be impossible to stop the game from packing cargo inside the saddle. Not sure if it will at least block it when a semi-trailer is attached but I am trying to avoid glitchy behavior especially with console mod checks

Hope the tweak will give you a lot of fun despite these small shortcomings and thank you for your message

MaiklFox @maiklfox69

почему это не может носить два журнала средних бревен одновременно так же как этот спасибо

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Я не пробовал, достаточно ли длины грузовика для этого. Кроме того, я немного против, потому что, как вы видите, уже достаточно сложно получить разрешение на использование грузовика для консоли, и даже если я изменил центр масс, грузовик все равно может легко опрокинуться. Поскольку при опрокидывании вы получите только 1 груз бревен обратно, я боюсь, что это приведет только к разочарованию.

MaiklFox @maiklfox69

без проблем))) ваш лесовоз и так просто СУПЕР - МЕГА - КЛАСС

thieme1989 @thieme1989

Spasibo :)