‘66 Short-Side Custom for SnowRunner

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Published by JohnJohnHotRod (mod ID: 1757967)


‘66 Short-Side Custom

It’s called… Short-Side because you have the option to run it with either a Stepside or Fleetside short-box bed.

And it’s a Custom because as you’ll see, there are a bunch of unique parts waiting for you in the garage.

Some of the cool features…

The truck includes 3 Engine options with their own engine sounds.

The truck will show up 3 times in the garage. Buy the truck with the engine sound you want to use.

The trucks are identical and the engines are similar-ish in performance.

You can freely swap between the actual 3D engine models since they are addons. (This was to keep Ram lower for consoles. Fyi the 3 engines combined are less than 2MB of Ram)

Engine Swaps:
-Twin-Turbo V8
-Supercharged V8
-Diesel V8

Body Options:
-Stepside Bed
-Fleetside Bed
-Truggy Bed
-Vintage Baja Front Fenders
-Vintage Baja racing-inspired Paint Jobs
-Fleetside Sheetmetal Bed Insert
-Sheetmetal Engine Compartment

Hop-Up parts:
-Baja Parts
-Auxilary Prerunner Fuel Cell with Roll Cage options
-Classic or Modern headlights with different color temperatures
-Stock or Restomod interior
-Stock or Restomod steering wheel
-Stock or Restomod gauges
-My new GrapperRunner King of the Hammers Tire (my first scratch-made tire)
-Plus more…

There are 3 hitch options. Use the invisible chassis weight along with the tow suspensions for heavier loads. You’ll probably only need this with the Gooseneck trailers.

The gooseneck hitch is compatible with the [IR] Gooseneck Trailer Pack. (Thanks IR)

The truck includes a set of stock-ish tires and the vanilla engine & transmission tunes from the stock SnowRunner F750. This is my attempt to bridge the gap for all of those people who have requested toned-down versions of my trucks.

Like most mods, this is a work in progress so there may be some changes along the way.

Credits: Truck Model (Same as my 1966 Dually Crew Cab) Tires: Mine, CGTrader & Sketchup. A few misc parts are also from Sketchup and GrabCAD so a huge thanks to all of those artists for sharing their creations.

Finally, thank you to all the map makers for creating all the amazing places for us to abuse our trucks. Massive respect for all your work, time, and creativity.

See ya on the trail…

BTW…It should go without saying but please do not steal or reupload any of my mods or assets. Thanks, and have a nice day.




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Dany46 @dany46

DyingCrimsonMoon @tmhastings666

Original PS4 here too

dustinlspencer @dustinlspencer

Damn, you are the 💩John! 👏👏👏
Thanks so much for all your great mods for console. Seriously don’t even get on without one of them. Dude, u make snowrunner 3 times funner!!! I’m gonna cut back on buyin so much porn LoL so I can donate soon- I definitely owe u some beer bro!

Mrtopfrog @mrtopfrog

Best console. Mod creator. By far keep up the great work john

TONY6309 @tony6309

come si istallano le mod fatemi sapere grazie mille

Spunkyjen777 @spunkyjen777

Rock crawler and mud

Mad_man_771644876804 @mad-man-771644876804

I would like to use this m9d


This mod makes me want to buy a Chevy K10 irl now 😂 well done once again man, can't wait to see what you'll make next!

Zpeedster @zpeedster

This is the best truck you have made yet! It’s amazing! Keep up the good work!😁

wolfsouthwind @wolfsouthwind

Yay! It arrived on Ps4! Lol Knocked it outta the park, as usual. 🤙🏽 This thing is a blast and looks great! The low RAM but amount of detail/customization is some black magic. hahah

shinerunner666 @shinerunner666

Love this mod,tons of fun
.. 👍 thanks

girdy21 @girdy21

Hey I was wandering would it be possible if for the dentside crew cab you could update it like you did the square body crew and also could you make some interior options for the shorty dentside like did on this one like the steering wheel and the seats?

Kaddett3717 @kaddett3717

Got to try this thing on console, and I sure can't say I'm disappointed! Keep up the good work!

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console 🍻🍻

JAVA-M3-GTR @java-m3-gtr

Hopefully it doesnt take the whole bar on my xbox one lol

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

JAVA-M3-GTR Little bit over 50% for most Console Players 🤷‍♂️

JAVA-M3-GTR @java-m3-gtr

most of johnjohns mods are like 60-88% one my xbox one

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

On my OG PS4, it takes up like 28-30%. Its better then Limes trucks ram usage for sure.

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

OG PS4 are well known to have the highest available RAM(Memory) limit.

You are one of the insanely lucky players on older Consoles. Compared to the majority of Console players. ✌✌

WarBanger @warbanger

I have a older Xbox One X and it has high ram capabilities as well. It loves Snowrunner MoDs

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

Yea for some reason me and my brother, with our OG PS4s, we have had no issues with ram usage. I can still have 6-9 mods active with 0 issues depending on the mods obvi.

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

It really is crazy! Lol

But I'm happy for the folks that are lucky enough to get the Console with the higher RAM limit. Wish I had one, but its all good

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

It goes to show you that the ram limit stuff is BS from the devs.