4x4 Trail Challenge 1 for SnowRunner

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Published by DerEggen (mod ID: 157056)


This mod has been moved/ added to a region: 4x4 Challenge Region

Map is updated to version 10!

Welcome to 4x4 Challenge 1!

On this map you will find smaller but a nice detailed fun map for your 4x4 trucks. On the map you can challenge yourself and your friends with two time challenges and various trails.

Test your skills on either on the red trail with medium difficulty, 8:30 min time limit and checkpoints that are not visible on your minimap or the blue trail with easy to medium difficulty, 8:30 min time limit and visible checkpoints. Both trails offer a big variation of terrain and obstacles.


  • size: 576m x 576m
  • 1x Garage
  • 1x Service Station
  • 1x starting vehicle
  • 2x scout fuel trailer
  • 2x time challenges
  • 1x Boost mission (boosts you to level 16 and gives 99.999 currency so you don't have to start with level 1)
  • terrain made with ESA DEM datasets
  • added localization/ translations for German and English


This is the first type of map that I have made so far, please give some feedback if you want me to make more of this kind and if you have an idea for an interesting, useful or funny addition for this or upcoming maps. Constructive critics if you don't like something or a few nice words if you like the map are of course also welcome.

The map will receive patches if needed and maybe updates and will of course be available for the live version of Mudrunner when the PTS is closed.


If you want to play the map with the developer console to spawn vehicles, use the free camera or test your mods, download the map, extract the file level_challenge_usa_1.pak and copy the file to C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\SnowRunner\Media\Mods (the path may be different for you)
In the game you can now start the level "mod_level_challenge_usa_1" and you can use the developer console.

With PTS it's possible to just subscribe the mod, start the level, go back to main menu and continue the map- this will activate the dev console as well. I'm not sure if that's a bug or a feature.


There was supposed to be a third time challenge but it seems there is a bug or some kind of limit, if I can solve that I will add the mission in an update.

Have fun!

If you like my work, have a look at my other mods too:






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Kennytorgeson @kennytorgeson

Is it on console

HGG @hgg

looks a amazing car but i wish that for a start at least and this conlses

DerEggen @dereggen

I'll add another starting vehicle and will tune both vehicles so they can be used on this map better than this stock vehicle. But I can't add a mod vehicle since this would make my map dependend on a mod that is not my own. Don't know what "conlses" means?!

techchunkinmysick @williampellett

MP looks to not work. When starting co-op, the save is greyed out.

Zeltuch @zeltuch

the map does not show in my custom scenarios

DerEggen @dereggen

Did you subscribe or download manually?

emaile1920 @emaile1920

co-op doesnt work

Sumeroz @sumeroz

Is it possible to Co-op this map?

DerEggen @dereggen

Coop should work, didn't test it after the last update tho.

Sumeroz @sumeroz

To start Co-op I have to save the game in a slot first right?. When I start Co-op to choose the saved game for this map its greyed out.

DerEggen @dereggen

Actually I never played MP so I can't help you out at the moment. I'll look into it! Thanks for your feedback.

ZemaRU @irunov71

In the third picture, you can see that the wheel arches clog the large wheels. For realism, you need to increase the wheel arches, or raise the suspension.
На третьей картинке видно, что колёсные арки забевают большие колёса. Для реалистичности нужно увеличить колёсные арки, либо поднять подвеску.

DerEggen @dereggen

That's a good advice but I just used this vehicle to show my map, I'm not the author of this vehicle. I think there are some smaller tires to put on this truck that fit better, but I choose the big ones ;)

BravestDuck4295 @bravestduck4295

Great job mate i love this map

DerEggen @dereggen

Thanks, glad you like it!

Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

Knowing your previous work, i directly suscribe!
I hope the map is a good challenge. Thanks for sharing it ;)

DerEggen @dereggen

Thanks, I appreciate that! I hope the time limit works, please give some feedback if you think it's to hard or to easy.