1996 Chevrolet Impala SS for SnowRunner

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Published by TnB_Xofroggy (mod ID: 161744)


Frog's 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

Just Your Average Everyday Beater Impala SS, oh wait no this is your trail Impala SS on the Roids HAHA

Made for the Hardcore Offroaders who love to go trailing with their friends

Full Interior

Custom Lift

Full Color Pallet so change it to your hearts content

Has 3 Motors, Stock, Upgraded, and Performance

Has 3 Transmissions, Stock, Offroad, and Highway

For a more tame experience use stock motor and offroad transmission

Keep in mind this is an upgraded vehicle with a lift kit and amazing offroad tires that IRL are made to be grippy so dont tell me a darn thing about it being "OP"

Has 3 Suspension Options

If you like the truck be sure to give it a thumbs up.

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DO NOT TWEAK MY MOD AT ALL!!! I worked very hard to make this vehicle the way it is and it is perfect changing it from its current specs is just not a thing you need to do, you dont like the the way it drives just dont drive it and unsubscribe....





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Keefboy @keefboy

Yo could you make a 1990 caprice classic (box Chevy) for console, and make it normal

LibertyMods @libertymods

hes banned. he can't

Jacylomn @jacylomn

That looks just like my 1993 Chevrolet Caprice Classic LS

Slave_lake_427 @slave-lake-427

Mr. Frog, i may come over as "stupid" to you, but will this come to console?

CSC.Miniman @cscminiman

thanks for working hard so we can have fun

ybarraalex20 @ybarraalex20

This is so funny i actually have a 96 impala ss and always love when games have them put in

Christiancuyler @christiancuyler

I like the car

Chloe_price @chloe-price

Delorean next??

TnB_Xofroggy @tnb-xofroggy

i wish lol XD i dont have a model for one atm

Bucklessmith @bucklessmith

Can you make a square body Chevy mud truck

cph30075 @cph30075

Lol can't wait for my Marauder to appear in Snowrunner of all games

Lord_of_Visions @lord-of-visions

cool mod you always know when its a mod from frog the thumbnail looks so cool if you do add the stock version to i would most definatly check it out

alesha.kliukoff @aleshakliukoff

на российских картах глючит,вылетает игра когда хочешь выехать на российскую карту из гаража

TnB_Xofroggy @tnb-xofroggy

works fine for me

nutellaman99 @nutellaman99

you always have the sickest mods bro!

TempestTokRa @tempesttokra

Maybe make some of it stock and being able to be upgraded to this instead of just having OP vehicle. Good work though, but IMHO if you're willing to improve it...

TnB_Xofroggy @tnb-xofroggy

if suspension changes could literally change my whole suspension model and all that i would have it from stock, all the way to a mud truck, but the game has it's limitations, if i did it stock it could only go to a rally car for height wise as Independent suspension cant have super lift kits or it looks ugly and stretched, and for this one, it can't be too low or the 4 link mount would be hitting the ground all the time, i will probably bring in a stock version soon though

Redneckchevy75 @redneckchevy75

you an invalid redneck deserve more respect as modders.

irishone1313 @allannorton72

Xofroggy has done it again. you are an amazing guy keep up the good work man......

BigBoyzBack @bigboyzback

why anyone would vote down this MOD when theres so many other really stupid MODS out there ..I have NO idea....everything on this MOD works and works well..