1972 Powell Woodland Colonel for SnowRunner

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Console versions pending. Don't ask me when they'll be approved, I don't know and have no way of finding out. Just kidding, I know you'll ask anyway.

More or less a 1972 Ford Country Squire. Embrace the beefy rectangle. Embrace the sharp-edged chonk.


  • Several front fascias and bumpers that allow you to drastically change the look of the vehicle.
  • Several custom wheels.
  • Several engine and transmission options.
  • That's a lot of "Severals." Multiply those together and you have an incalculable number of possibilities. Probably. I don't do math.


  • Front tow hook can't actually be used if you need to be towed. Might apply to the rear tow hook as well. Just don't use it as a winch point.
  • Water enters the cabin freely. I suggest you learn how to swim.
  • Some lighting issues on the interior. Not sure why you would use the interior, but hey, you do you.
  • Russian engine doesn't have enough torque to work with every transmission. Not sure that you could call that a bug, but I might as well include it.


  • A lower detail model. This means the interior is absolutely awful. I mean terrible. Really an eyesore.
  • It probably could do with more engine and transmission options. An update is hardly out of the question.


I couldn't care less what you do with this. I give you full permission to reupload, redistribute, re-whatever my work. Keep in mind, not everything is my work, and some actions may need to be cleared, or may be prohibited by other copyright holders. I'm not responsible for the cease and desist you receive.


  • Models: Hum3d, Shedmon, Beenox, Hao Liu, and Danila Davydov
  • Textures: Adobe
  • Beta testing and special thanks for the essay of feedback I received: empiro









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picnix4 @picnix4

not many people mention the flaws of their work, good on you for being honest!

LibertyMods @libertymods

I knew your mods were gonna be 'out there' since the pequenbus, and boy was I right. this is wicked. I honestly can't wait to see what you do next. can I suggest just for laughs for you to do a hydraulic suspension option, almost lowrider style. I'm not sure the game physics could allow it to 'hop' but it would be hella cool! keep it up man!

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

Great minds think alike--I was seriously considering that. I decided to put it off until something a bit more fitting. Might add it in an update.

As far as what's next... well, it's too early to say, but right now we're looking at something common and inherently uninteresting for exactly two countries. If you're not from either country, you'll have never heard of it.

LibertyMods @libertymods

I'm intrigued now..... can't wait

★Wassup★ @wassup6

Best mod ever!!

Drifty_Customs @driftycustoms

I'm going to take all of your vehicle descriptions and most of your comments and put them in a "StuffThatMakesMeBustAGutLaughing" folder. No, I'm dead serious. Also I love this mod btw. It's something I never knew I needed in life.

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

Thank you. I'll take this as my daily reminder that I really should do something with my writing.

As a side note, keep in mind all of that I've written is going through a self censor to make sure it gets approved for console. If I have something that's PC only in some form or fashion (which may be coming up in the near future) then the gloves are off--I'll have to start putting a parental advisory on my mods.

kevmeister11 @kevmeister11

LOL. love the narrative for this! I'm gonna download this just for ***** and giggles. LOL.

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

That's the beauty of it--and, lord, I feel weird for giving myself even an ounce of praise like this--it can be used to **** around, or it--with the right parts--can be used as a semi-capable off roader.

Altruman @altruman

I love mods like this!

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

Thank you! Is it well suited to go off road? Hell no. Is it wise to take this anywhere where there's dirt beneath the tires? Of course not! Which is exactly why you should.