1942 GP501 Wilma - by giopanda for SnowRunner

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Published by giopanda (mod ID: 1182177)



this is a console only mod, if you want to play on Windows please click here to download the Willys G503.

this won't run on PC because the pc.pak folder is not present!

The GP501, formally called the U.S. Army Truck, 1⁄4-ton, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance, commonly known as the Wilma, and sometimes referred to as GP501, were highly successful American off-road capable light military utility vehicles built in large numbers to a standardized design for the United States and other Allied forces in World War II from 1941 to 1945.

this mod is console only but it's exactly like the 'original' Willys i did for the Windows version of the game.

it comes with the same stats, same exact body work and same addons, only the names and brand have been changed to comply with console requirements.

1942 GP501 Wilma

this mod include the base vehicle plus some addons:

- Foldable windshield

- Summer canvas top

- MP05 antenna

- M13C pedestal for the .50cal Browning M2 machine gun (still in development)

- 20L US jerry can

- Windshield mounted rifle rack

- Towing rope

- Snorkel

- Spare tires

- Side mounted axe and shovel

- Custom offroad, mud and chained tires

- Bartram T-01 trailer (in the ScautTrailer category, so it's compatible with most stock and modded vehicles)

addons in development:

- M2 Browning machine gun

- 37mm Gun M3

- BC620 radio (maybe)

hope you like this, and please leave a comment if you did..or even if you didn't!



if you like my mods and want to support me to see more in the future, feel free to tip me at



- added desert camo scheme for car and most addons (some are only green to add some variation)
- added desert camo rims (need to be manually chosen from the garage as wheels don't have color customization like the rest of the addons)
- added the WW2 British SAS 'Desert Rats' setup


- initial release


model and textures by GioPanda

and a special thanks goes to Tazmanyak for the beta testing and his precious tips, Poghrim and everybody else who helped me out on Discord (maxmike181, ThePuppyMaster above all)

Terms of Use:

editing, sharing, and altering in any way the model is strictly forbidden, it took me hundreds of hours to get to this, so if you have any suggestion for changes on the model itselft just leave a comment down here, i might agree and update it!

editing of the xml files is allowed ONLY for personal use, it took me a lot of time and effort to deliver the best vehicle possible.

so again if you have any suggestion on how this can be improved i'm all ears!





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SmugglePuggl @smugglepuggl

Series x

Stazco @stazco

please update it!!

antis1966 @antis1966

Управление как буд-то за рулём укуреный наркоман . Кидает вправо влево .

Z0913T @z0913t

One of my favourite mods at the moment. You do some beautiful work man. Attention to detail is impressive. Please keep em coming to console. We need more quality stuff like yours on xbox.

Stazco @stazco

Great, detailed, realistic mod!
Light, it is good for RAM limit on consoles.

Thanks A LOT!

TR1717 @bernardo141

Best mod ever, much quality! I suggest an option of a slightly bigger tire and a bigger tank or an option so that you can load more fuel. CONGRATS, GREAT AND UNIQUE JOB!

efreneldetaty87 @efreneldetaty87

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Glad to see this come to console! Very cool to try and wrestle it around the maps. All around, seems quite realistic. Good, if challenging way to transport a small emergency supply of fuel and repair goods.

As some others have said, I'd love to see your Unimogs come to console, as well---just as they said before, most especially the older model.

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Loving this Mod!

Thank you for all the hard work!! 🤘

Franky0815 @franky0815

Very weak and only cheap tires, but that’s realistic. 👍

thatonefreetwoplay @that1591948787

id love to see a t14 tank destroyer version of this (the t14 tank destroyer was a 6-wheel jeep with a big gun on the back)

Nightkiller56 @nightkiller56

welcome to console.

giopanda @giopanda

Thank you!

PapaSaggyNut @shadowwolflead2

Just an idea, but could you add like an ammo box or 2 and maybe a helmet and other small stuff like that?

giopanda @giopanda

Well I definitely might!

K-LIBRE @k-libre

Good mod

Judgepandora @judgepandora

Is this coming to Xbox

giopanda @giopanda

that's what everbody hopes for :D

JacobKeithLittle @jacobkeithlittle

Same story every time you ask... ASK THE DEVS BRO! Just get on the discord and see if they have already answered and if not then try and ask them there.

Solide_Steak @solide-steak

Does that mean we’re getting a console version of your Unimog pack..?

giopanda @giopanda

for now there are no plans to port it since it is too big for console anyway, but maybe in the future

Johnnyholster @johnnyholster

Releasing them separately would be an idea… or at least the old one🙏 Anyway, can’t wait to try the Wilma!

Armoredp @armoredp

I agree, the 404 Unimog is such a beauty!